eBay India introduces the Biggest Laptop Sale

Screenshot of eBay India's Sahare HJ04 Laptop Sale

Just yesterday, I was advising my friend on going in for a desktop rather than a laptop, as after several estimates, a basic laptop was costing her more than twice the amount than what a desktop, with the same features and specs, would cost her. The main reason she was interested in buying a laptop and not a desktop was firstly for its portability and secondly for its space-saving ability. Anyways, now I should ask her to rush to the eBay India site, as she’s sure to get a steal there.

Online marketplace eBay India has announced the Biggest Laptop Sale in the country. Big names such as Zenith, HCL, Toshiba and Sahara have their laptops up for sale in this amazing offer. But hurry, as the last date to avail of this exciting offer is September 30, 2007.

Speaking about the latest offer, Rathin Lahiri, Chief Marketing Officer, eBay India said, “An online Laptop Sale with an unmatched array of brands available at unbeatable prices…it cannot get bigger than this. This offer is sure to resonate with the tech-savvy online buyers with interests in cool gadgets,”

Online shoppers can get attractive deals on over 30 models and 1500 laptops. Apparently, one of the most enticing buy is that of the Sahara HJ04 laptop, which is priced at only Rs. 24,883/- under the Biggest Laptop Sale offer. The HJ04 laptop incorporates an Intel PM 1.6 with 256 MB and a 40 GB HDD, DVD Writer, a 14.1″ Screen, Wifi and comes with a Reliance Data Card, a web camera, 4 USBs, a special Carry Bag and a Canon Colour printer at no extra cost.

Another worthy buy seems to be the Zenith Director laptop that is available for only Rs. 26,800/-. It includes an Intel CORE DUO Processor, T2080, a 1.7GHz and 2 MB L2 Cache, an ATI Chipset, a 512 MB DDR2 667MHz, 100GB SATA-2 HDD (5400 RPM), a DVD RW, a 15.4″ Wide Screen Display, a Glare Screen, an in-built 56Kbps V.90 Modem, a One Mini PCI Slot for Wireless Card, a Glide Pad, an in-built High Definition 2 channel Audio, a 2 Channel built-in Stereo with speakers, a built in PS2 Touchpad with 2 buttons, a Li-Ion Battery Pack and a special Carry Bag.

And there are lots of other laptops on sale at unbelievable prices. So log on now to eBay India (www.ebay.in) and take your pick at this amazing Biggest Laptop Sale offer.