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Would you eat your face if it were made of chocolate? 3D printing makes it possible

Sure, you’re watching your weight after all that holiday season binging. But who says ‘No’ to chocolate? UK-based Choc Edge is selling a Choc Creator V1 3D printer which will let users create three dimensional designs out of chocolate. Sounds tasty so far.

The process mainly involves additive manufacturing where one layer of a given material is piped over the previous one and so on until the final 3D sculpture is made. Before the machine can start building something, a scan of the object to be constructed or a very precise set of instructions needs to be inputted.

Chocolate 3D Face

Speaking about not having to buy the whole cow, you can get a 3D print only by contacting the Choc Edge sales team and stating your requirements. Posted above is a picture of the company’s founder holding up his chocolate portrait made with 3D printing technology. But 3D printing is not just about having a chocolate replica of your face and eating it too.

Choc Creator V1

Imagine being able to print out a replacement for a broken phone case, a rusty hinge and more instead of popping into a store for them. And there is much more potential to be tapped out of it. Motorola (in other words, Google) has inked some sort of a deal with 3D Systems. The latter has been commissioned to produce the bits and pieces for the modular Ara smartphone, with its additive manufacturing resources.

Back to the Choc Creator V1; it is up for sale at £2888 excluding VAT. It can be ordered online through the Choc Edge website by following this link.