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Easy Ways To Restore iPod To Factory Settings

Restore iPod To Factory Settings

If you can’t seem to figure out how to get your Apple iDevice as clean as a whistle, then our easy ways to restore iPod to factory settings are sure to be of some help. With the current lineup comprising of the iPod classic, a hard drive-based music player that holds a lump sum of memory, the iPod nano, which flaunts its compactness along with the iPod shuffle and the iPod touch, these gadgets have gone through a number of overhauls. And with every new upgrade comes more problems such as iTunes that won’t detect the player or the device freezing up, making it temporarily unusable. Also, there could be various reasons as to why you need to wipe off all its content but, whatever they may be, our list of easy ways to get your iPod to factory settings will coax the gadget to be up and running just like when you first purchased it.

Restoring the iPod through iTunes –

iPod Restore iTunes

Automatic restore – First step on our list is the automatic restore and reset feature which can be accessed straight through iTunes. Before you begin, make sure your battery is well charged and that you have the latest version of the software installed. If not, you can grab a copy from the Apple website or just ‘Google’ iTunes.

iTunes Backup

1. To get the device into its original state, iTunes requires a working internet connection through which the restore gets verified and approved by Apple servers.

2. Now, connect the player to the computer with an Apple USB cable which comes bundled on purchase. Without it, there’s no way of moving further into this method. Once plugged in, give it a minute to install all the necessary drivers. Also, iTunes should start up automatically or you could run it manually from your desktop.

3. Moving on, click on your iPod located under the “Devices” tab from the vertically placed menu on the left and then hit the restore button.

4. When conducted on an iPod shuffle, a pop up window will present four restore options such as, restore with same software version, remain on current version although an update is available, upgrade to latest software release or restore with current version and update on completion.

5. If you haven’t created a backup of all content stored on the device, a popup window should prompt you with the option and we highly recommend you do so as restoring will erase off all data.

6. Further on, the software will initiate the verification process with the Apple servers and automatically restore the iPod to its factory state on approval.

So there you have it, your iPod has been reset just as it was when brand new. Now that wasn’t too tough.

Custom Restore iTunes

Manually restore the iPod – If for some reason the automatic restore option didn’t work, there’s always a walk-around. If you’re iPod won’t show up in iTunes but is detected by Windows, detach and plug it back in once again. Also, make sure your USB ports are functional. Additionally, an IPSW (software restore) file for iPod touch can be downloaded from the internet and manually flashed through iTunes by pressing the Shift key whilst clicking on restore in iTunes. Or, if the device is operational, navigate to Settings, General and further the Reset menu to erase all data as well as settings.

Restore iPod Settings

1. Assuming that the problem still persists, head over to My Computer, right click on the detected iPod and select format. Now since it can’t be accessed through iTunes, backing up all data is still possible through third-party applications. Once wiped clean, the device should prompt a message stating ‘Connect to iTunes’ and iTunes itself will ask you to restore the player as it is in recovery mode.

2. For first and second generation iPod shuffle users who face detection problems within iTunes, Apple has made available the iPod Reset Utility for manually restoring the device to its factory state. This tool can be downloaded from the company’s support page.

3. Lastly, there’s the forced restore method in which you can put the device into DUF or restore mode through a simple button combination. On the iPod touch when powered off, press and hold the home button and simultaneously plug the cable in. The iPod should power on and display the ‘Connect to iTunes’ message on its screen.

By now, through the assistance of our easy ways to restore iPod to factory settings, your device should be up and running perfectly. If you still encounter any problems, do tell us about it.