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Easy ways to download music from YouTube to your computer

YouTube Music Download

You don’t know how to download music from YouTube? While some people may call you ignorant, fret not, we’ve heard of the odd self-obsessed YouTube fans too sometimes bowing their heads low in disappointment about not having the dope on this one. Yes, there are many ways to download files from the otherwise popular video sharing website using applications, third-party web sites and browser plug-ins which include converting YouTube videos to MP3. We’re telling you just how that can be done.

More often than not, what keeps users actively engaged with YouTube is the flexible way in which content can be accessed. Primarily, it’s the fact that videos can be viewed outside the main website on various web pages that adds to its immense likeability. A piece of HTML is tagged along with every YouTube video which can be embedded on any page beyond the site. And that’s exactly why we’re able to embed videos from the site onto our blogs and social networking pages. Of course, video owners always have the option of disabling any feature of the video they’ve uploaded. But what do you do when you like an audio file so much that you want to download from YouTube straight to your system? Read on.

1 -Third-party Websites:

Like we mentioned above YouTube doesn’t allow you to directly download videos like there is no straight off ‘download’ button which when hit does the needful. But there are various third-party websites willing to offer more than a helping hand. One among them that we’ve been a fan of for quite some time now is FLTVO.com. The website simply requires you to paste a video URL from YouTube as part of a three step download process. First paste the URL in the given space, hit on next.

YouTube URL Copy

In step two the website downloads and then converts the video to MP3 format.

FLVTO Download YouTube File

If you have a decent bandwidth this takes less than a minute.

FLVTO Convert Youtube File

Following this, a download pop-up will appear with the file now in the MP3 format for ‘Saving’ or ‘Opening’.

FLVTO Download Pop-up

2 – Applications:

If you don’t see yourself hitting up a website ever so often, a one-time software application download should also work just fine. Like the free Free YouTube to MP3 Converter that’s available as a free software. The highly customizable tool supports Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems and is capable of downloading music from YouTube videos in MP3 format. What’s more, it even offers MP3 downloads of complete YouTube playlists and show lists. Besides MP3, output files can also be in the WAV audio file format with all files keeping the name of the source video. The only glitch we faced with this option is that it was too slow for our liking.

Free YouTube To MP3 Converter

3 – Toolbars and Plugins:

It’s a crowd as far as toolbars and plug-ins for YouTube are concerned. We had the Video DownloadHelper add-on installed and were left mighty pleased. As soon as the extension was installed, we saw its icon in the toolbar area. Clicking on it showed up many options among which ‘Media’ let us perform a number of tasks besides downloading and converting the video to mp4 or flv codecs. You’ll find the add-on in the Mozilla Add-ons section.

Video Downloadhelper Youtube

In February 2009, YouTube had announced that it was working with partners to make videos officially downloadable. A download button to do the needful was being worked upon and video owners would set both the price and download guidelines for the same. While there is no update on that front, it’s still easy to obtain audio and video files with the varied options available. So what are you waiting for? Get started! And yes, if you do find something interesting ways to download music from YouTube to your computer, do share it with us too.