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#21 Easy Minecraft House Ideas [That Are Fun To Build]

Easy Minecraft House Ideas If you’re looking for easy Minecraft house ideas, you’re probably starting off in a new seed or have just begun trying out the game.

That’s precisely why we’ve come up with this handy guide to help you wisely choose your project.

The limitless freedom of creation Minecraft offers you brings with it endless choices when it comes to building a house.

Creating a shelter in your Minecraft world is one of the first important tasks you’ll face. After all, you need a base to rest your weary feet when the sun starts setting and the mobs begin spawning at night.

Even if you’re not looking for a starter house and just want to try something new (but achievable) in terms of building challenges in the game, we’re here to help you make the right choice so you don’t find yourself stuck with a structure you can’t finish.

Ideas for easy Minecraft houses can be found all over the web. What takes effort is scouting out the ones that are simultaneously easy to create and wonderful to look at after going through all the good, difficult, and amazing ideas. So let’s dig into this list right away.

1. Survival Starter House

Easy Survival Starter House
Image Source: Rizzial (YouTube)

The first candidate in our roster of easy Minecraft house ideas is the survival starter build by YouTuber Rizzial.

Wood and stone are some of the most widely-found blocks in the game and that’s pretty much all you need (apart from the crafting table, of course) to start building this simple house.

YouTube video

If you’re in the mood for a little wooden cabin, then this example can be the best starting point for you, no matter your spawn point in a new world and even in survival mode.

You will have yourself a 3-story, spacious starter house ready in no time.

2. Treehouse

Tall Treehouse With Glass And Wood
Image Source: Lex The Builder (YouTube)

It’s possible you might not have gathered enough materials to start creating complicated houses. A treehouse comes in handy for exactly such situations.

Apart from serving as a fun project, you could easily build it and it can offer a nice view.

YouTube video

An easy video tutorial for a great Minecraft treehouse comes from YouTuber Lex The Builder.

It shows you detailed, step-by-step instructions to build a cool treehouse, complete with a 360-degree view and lanterns.

3. Suburban House

Modern Beachside House
Image Source: Rizzial (YouTube)

Quaint suburban homes are an everyday treat to behold in our real world.

If you wanted to recreate some of this beauty in the world of Minecraft, you can do it courtesy of Rizzial and his suburban house tutorial on YouTube.

YouTube video

This beautiful home sits on a stone foundation and features an above-ground basement and a garage.

Keep in mind that you’ll need lots of stone, wood and concrete, and some glass. But the final build result will be well worth it.

4. Underground House

Underground House Lit With Glowstone Blocks
Image Source: Folli (YouTube)

Sometimes one needs to get away from everything and everyone. If you feel the same way and want to build something unique, check out this video tutorial of an underground house by YouTuber Folli.

This simple yet brilliant design only requires some cobblestone, spruce wood, and oak planks.

YouTube video

Of course, you’ll need to dig out some earth to make space for your underground base. But it won’t take too much hard work to complete this underground house, trust us.

The entire place is lit up by glowstone blocks. You can always substitute them for lanterns if need be.

5. Village Large House

Remodel Small Village House Into Larger Dwelling In Survival World
Image Source: Rizzial (YouTube)

Remodeling a simple village house into an extraordinary rustic dwelling can be an extremely fun endeavor.

This is exactly what you can see in Rizzial’s Village Remodel tutorial.

Rizzial adds some strategic tweaks to alter the shape and size of an ordinary village home and turn it into a decent habitat.

YouTube video

As for the building blocks, you’ll need stone, oak wood, and glass to get going. And soon you’ll have a large dwelling you can be proud of.

6. Mountain House

Unique House Carved Into Moutainside
Image Source: JUNS MAB Architecture (YouTube)

A rather singular Minecraft house idea comes from YouTuber JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial’s Mountain build video.

This unique design idea will probably seem unreal and refreshing to you. Yet you can learn to create it in under 10 minutes.

YouTube video

All you need to do is carve out two overlapping circular areas on a suitable mountainside and decorate the interiors and exteriors with the blocks of your choice.

The design looks incredibly unique even though the instructions to construct it are ridiculously simple to follow.

7. Simple Survival House

Wooden Minecraft Starter House
Image Source: Zaypixel (YouTube)

Another survival starter house idea comes from YouTuber Zaypixel’s tutorial where he shows you how to build a simple survival build that might be the perfect choice for your first ever creation.

You’ll need lots of spruce wood and oak wood for planks, stairs and trapdoors; plus some cobblestone to bring everything together.

YouTube video

This again goes to show how starter shelters can be a godsend for the inexperienced or lazy Minecraft player.

8. Small Modern House

Small Quartz And Concrete Glass House
Image Source: Random Steve Guy (YouTube)

Modern Minecraft houses are all the rage among Minecraft players, especially newer folks who’ve joined the game in recent years.

One such modern and compact house idea comes from YouTuber Random Steve Guy’s tutorial.

This striking design features smooth quartz, gray concrete, and glass, and will take you no time to build.

You can be done with the tutorial itself in 4 minutes. Now that is something we call a quick affair.

YouTube video

Of course, it might be easier trying out this build in Creative mode or by swapping the quartz blocks for white concrete.

9. Medieval House

Small Medieval House With Lily Ponds
Image Source: Cubey (YouTube)

The medieval theme is a popular one to draw from when choosing and building a survival base.

The inherent appeal such structures have in the form of castles, functional or decorative bridges over moats, towers and more cannot be denied.

You can learn to build a medieval home of your own from YouTuber Cubey’s tutorial.

YouTube video

This design combines the best of medieval vibes with the ease of a compact house. Try it when you’re not feeling in the mood for complicated layouts.

10. Tower House

Tower House With Stone And Wooden Planks
Image Source: Sv Gravity (YouTube)

What if you’re committed to the medieval theme but don’t want a regular house? In this case, you can try out this build by YouTuber Sv Gravity.

It can be your standalone base or an addition to your village.

This idea is particularly beginner friendly and won’t require a ton of resources. So it’s a good project even in survival mode.

YouTube video

Simple yet functional, this tower house can quickly become one of your favorite Minecraft houses.

11. Winter Cabin

Winter Cabin With Chimney
Image Source: Balzy (YouTube)

The idea of owning a cozy and secluded winter retreat where you can unwind with some friends feels too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t need to be, thanks to this winter cabin video tutorial by YouTuber Balzy.

A perfect match for a snow biome, this cabin can be built even by newer players who are low on resources since it requires some very basic blocks.

YouTube video

Constructed with spruce wood, the cabin walls contrast beautifully with the surrounding ice. The smoking chimney adds a charming touch to the overall aesthetics of the edifice.

12. Modern Cliff House

Cliff House With Rooftop Pool
Image Source: Random Steve Guy (YouTube)

Another modern design that’s unique in the way it leverages its surroundings is the modern house mansion from Random Steve Guy.

It can be created with white concrete and a few other blocks that you’ll have to scrounge around for.

But do not panic; the tutorial itself is not complicated at all.

YouTube video

Featuring a small pool on the roof, a single bedroom and attached kitchen, this cliff house is sure to offer you and your friends a dedicated place to relax and recharge for your next adventure.

13. Simple Two Story House

Two Story House With Spruce And Cobblestone Blocks
Image Source: Heyimrobby (YouTube)

Fancy a building with two floors? Then this home with two stories from YouTuber Heyimrobby is the perfect addition to our roster.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, a grand staircase, and lanterns, this design is hard to pass up.

What’s more, you don’t need elusive resources or in-depth building skills to complete this design.

Armed with different types of blocks such as oak wood, spruce wood, cobblestone, and a few other materials, you can build this spacious two-story home in no time.

YouTube video

14. Stone and Glass House

Stone And Glass House For Survival Mode
Image Source: HALNY (YouTube)

Are you in a hurry and need to put together a shelter quickly? At the same time, you don’t want a simple wooden structure, but something elegant?

YouTuber HALNY’s stone and glass house will be the perfect choice for you in such a situation.

As far as modern houses go, this is by far one of the most austere yet gorgeous edifices. You’ll need to install a texture pack mod to get the exact same look as HALNY’s creation.

YouTube video

Since it requires only stone and glass and is a compact, single-room home, it can be built quickly and without any sourcing and crafting hassles.

And the final look is spectacular, defying its simple construction and ordinary building blocks.

15. Compact House

Compact Wooden House For Any Minecraft Biome
Image Source: csx42 (YouTube)

Consider this: you’re midway through an epic adventure and want to rest in a small, compact house for the day before continuing the next day.

But your patience for creating something elaborate is running low.

Here’s where YouTuber csx42’s stylish and compact dwelling comes in.

The tutorial for this build idea is short and simple-to-follow. The materials you’ll require are easily available in any biome, even in survival world.

YouTube video

Glass windows, torches on the walls, and a tasteful aesthetic combine to give the building a modern yet austere feel, perfect for a stop along the way.

16. Two-Player House

Cozy Two-Player House With Fireplace
Image Source: Sv Gravity (YouTube)

Minecraft is sometimes best experienced with a fellow traveler, someone you can share your victories and trials with.

If you have such a friend, you’ll find this two-player home by Sv Gravity particularly interesting.

Built with two individual spaces in mind, this design is perfect when you want to be close to your friend but need your own privacy as well.

It also features a nether portal in between the two sections of the house.

YouTube video

The blocks of materials required are fairly commonplace and building it is not complicated at all.

17. Cave House

Cave House Made With Stripped Oak Wood And Spruce Slabs
Image Source: Smithers Boss (YouTube)

How do you fancy building your home inside a cave? If that sounds like a plan, try this video tutorial from YouTuber Smithers Boss.

It can be built inside any natural cave after a little bit of digging and modifications – no flat areas needed anymore.

The interior of this cave house can be fashioned in any way you like. You can have multiple floors and fireplaces, and even a bulging library surrounding your enchanting table.

YouTube video

Cave dwellings feel naturally cozy. Try it out; we bet this will become one of your favorite Minecraft house ideas.

18. Multiplayer Bunkhouse

Simple Multiplayer Bunkhouse For Survival Mode
Image Source: One Team (YouTube)

Playing Minecraft with friends can quickly feel crowded when you are all inside a small home, no matter how big you thought it was when you first built it.

In such scenarios, the multiplayer house (pictured above) by YouTuber One Team can be the answer to your problems.

This large bunkhouse features enough space for a full party, a symmetrical and windy design language, an open walkway, and a farm to boot.

You can easily add extra bunk beds to accommodate visitors by building a small structure over existing beds and placing another bed on it.

YouTube video

Building houses with friends is bound to count among your best moments of Minecraft and this is THE project to try.

19. Minecraft Castle

Castle House With Cobblestone And Iron Bars

Setting up base in a cool castle is one of the most common desires of any Minecraft player.

But when you think of building one, elaborate and complicated structures come to mind, and that desire is quickly snuffed out.

Here’s where you’re mistaken; a castle doesn’t have to be huge and difficult to create. Watch this castle design video by YouTuber A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT.

YouTube video

Consisting of the quintessential turrets and a large entrance-way opening into an open middle room, this castle is also extremely modular.

You can add more turrets and change the type of stone used to quickly give your castle a more personalized look and feel.

20. Roomy House

Wooden Cabin With Full-Size Basement And Wraparound Deck
Image Source: Greg Builds (YouTube)

A simple, yet spacious build idea comes from Greg Builds’ wooden cabin YouTube video tutorial.

Although it doesn’t feature fancy materials or intricate building techniques, it still manages to look visually interesting, thanks to the structural choices made and the strategic elements added in various areas of the design.

YouTube video

This roomy wooden cabin-mini mansion mashup is perfect for you if you want to create something simple yet don’t want to compromise on space.

21. Boat House

Boathouse With Trapdoors And Wooden Planks
Image source: Nexy (YouTube)

It’s unfortunate that the game doesn’t (yet) allow you to construct a fully functioning ship or boathouse.

But if you want a house on water instead of land anyway, there are plenty of options available to satiate your appetite. Watch this build by YouTuber Nexy come to life.

It is appealing, and yet simple to build. It will definitely count among your favorite easy Minecraft house ideas.

With a minimalistic interior design making the most of the limited space, you’ll have a functional and singular dwelling ready in no time.

YouTube video

Wrapping Up

Easy Minecraft house ideas can range from quaint to ultra-luxurious, depending on players’ skills and resources.

But there still exist limitless variations in simple, easy-to-build houses, so much so that you won’t miss having an elaborate mansion or villa in the game.

Do remember that if you decide to reset instead of reload chunks in Minecraft for better game performance, you might lose some of these interesting structures. So don’t forget to regularly back up your world.

We hope this list of recommendations with accompanying videos helped inspire you to create your next project and enriched your gaming experience even more.