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Here is the Easiest iTunes Alternative for Managing your iPhone iPad in PC


Folks who have used iPhones will tell you in great detail the troubles they endured when trying to use iTunes for the first time. For some people, the software remains difficult to understand even after using it for years. For such folks, WinX MediaTrans will come as a welcome surprise, as it is probably the best iTunes alternative for Windows out there.

It lets you transfer everything from your music, movies, photos and eBooks securely between your PC and your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, this program from Digiarty does not even require you to log in with your Apple ID. So no more iTunes crashes, sync issues and other limitations to deal with.

So evident are the frustrations of iTunes users, that the makers of this software have turned this issue into a contest. This competition asks you to be the Meme King, and win cash by submitting your woes in meme form. PayPal cash of up to $1200 is up for grabs via this competition.

MediaTrans Homepage

WinX MediaTrans has recently received a makeover which gives its interface a whole new look. Aside from that, the easy-to-use software has been made even more so by the fresh changes. As you can see from the screenshot right above, little icons occupy space on the homepage denoting the type of media you wish to transfer. Clicking on any of them gives you the details of how to go about the process of starting the transfer, which is again fairly simple, as the only thing you need is a cable to connect your device to your PC.

Once connected, if you wish to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC, you can click on the Photo Transfer icon, select the media and then hit the blue colored Export option on the top to finish the process. As for transferring media to the iPhone or the iPad from your Windows PC, there’s one extra step. That is creating a new album by clicking on the ‘+’ icon in the left row. The next step is to open that empty album, click on the blue colored Add Photo button and you’re good to go.


Managing the transfer of videos involves more or less the same process. One of the best aspects about this software is its Music Manager. We all know how difficult it is to get music onto your iPhone or iPad, what with all the iTunes errors and solutions you have to deal with. But with MediaTrans, it’s a piece of cake.

You can easily add new music, delete it, create new playlists or make playlists out of the already existing tracks. Furthermore, editing id3 tags of your songs is also possible via this program. Another very useful trait is the ability to create ringtones out of any track in the playlist. Highlighting any song from the list brings up a tiny menu which lets you choose the ringtone option. This brings up a straightforward audio editor that lets you choose the duration of the ringtone. All you need to do now is click big Sync button at the bottom to change the ringtone on your iPhone.

MediaTrans Photos

eBooks are pretty important, especially for those using iPads. The WinX MediaTrans tool has a section dedicated to them, which lets you add, export or delete eBooks from your devices. Not just that, the ability to manage audio books has also been granted to the program by its makers.

A very big feature of Android phones that iPhone users are generally envious about is their ability to act as a flash drive for storing any file type. Although this is not possible to do with iTunes, MediaTrans has it covered. Just click on the Flash Drive button, and the software will allow you to store any file type on your iPhone or iPad. But do note that whenever you want to retrieve it, you can only do that on a PC that has MediaTrans installed on it.

MediaTrans Ringtones

The number one big problem of iTunes still happens to be the fact that you cannot independently use and transfer the stuff you purchase on it. This new tool has taken care of that as well, with its DRM removal facility. It effectively rips your music, TV shows, movies and audio books off their DRM to render files that you can watch on any other device without any Internet connection required. All you need to do is select the concerned files and click on the Remove DRM option at the bottom.

All these spectacular abilities make WinX MediaTrans a must-have tool for iPhone and iPad owners. A trial version of the software is available, but it comes with limited features. A one-year license will set you back by $29.95, whereas a lifetime one will cost just $35.95. A version for the Mac operating system is also available at the same prices.