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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review: Salvage lost data for free easily

EaseUS Data Recovery

Over the last few years, there has been a spike in the number of data recovery tools on offer for both PC and Mac audiences. One more such software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which easily managed to impress us with its all-round abilities. The reason it’s being marketed as a free program is because you can retrieve up to 2GB of lost data using its trial version. And this data recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard strives to provide an utterly simple solution to your data salvaging needs. The principle to be applied here is the same as that which is applied to all such tools – deploy the services of the software as soon as you realize the data has been lost. If you wait too long, there’s a strong possibility that your data will get overwritten, resulting in it getting lost forever.

EaseUS Drives

That said, one of the EaseUS’ standout points is its versatility. It specializes in recovering accidentally deleted files from your hard drives, formatted disks, and recycle bins. It additionally provides support for grabbing them from lost partitions, damaged hard drives, and even RAID systems. Of course, you can also use this tool to recover files deleted from your SD cards, USB sticks, and other devices.

And it doesn’t stop at just that. EaseUS provides a version that can be launched from bootable media. This means that if you have a computer which has completely crashed, you can still recover your lost data from it in a few simple steps.

EaseUS Recovered Files

The process that this file recovery software utilizes is pretty similar to what other such programs use. Upon opening it, you are shown the available drives on your machines along with their partitions. If any connected media like a USB stick is present, they will also be shown here. Clicking on the Scan button at the top will begin the process of thoroughly examining the chosen disk for deleted files. Larger disk sizes will, of course, take more time to complete the scan.

It must be mentioned that there’s no visible Deep Scan option here because if the software does not find anything during its initial scan, it automatically does a deep scan itself without prompting you about it. Once the scan is complete, all the items which can be recovered are listed out in the form of a file-tree by EaseUS.

A handy Preview button is provided to let you see whether the recovered file is indeed the one you’re looking for and if it’s intact. You can now select the exact files you want recovered and press the Export button to have them placed back onto your disks where they once belonged.

EaseUS Preview

While the Windows version of the software works without any hiccups, there’s a slight obstacle you have to jump in order to get the Mac version working. You can either run it in Recovery Mode or disable the System Integrity Protection in the Settings menu.

Like we said, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be grabbed for free, but only up to 2GB of lost data can be recovered using this trial version. The Windows version of the software lets you restore 500MB of data by default and extends the limit to 2GB if you share the app on social media. The license for a Pro version on Windows will set you back by $69.95, while it will cost $99.90 for the Pro + bootable media version. On Mac, these two versions can be purchased at $89.95 and $129.90, respectively.

The software can scan unlimited files and show you the ones which are recoverable. But as mentioned above, you can retrieve no more than 2GB of data for free. It’s up to you to choose between purchasing the Pro version or restoring a limited portion of your lost files.