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EA reveals First Hasbro Titles in Development, slated to Hit the Consoles, Online and Mobile Platforms

EA and Hasbro logos On Monday, EA Casual Entertainment revealed that its initial range of Hasbro games that will be available on game consoles, mobile phones and for online play, are in the development stage. The first to hit shelves this fall would be Littlest Pet Shop and Nerf “N-Strike” Nintendo Wii and DS games; while the other multi-platform titles including Monopoly and Scrabble will be announced later this year.

“EA and Hasbro want to give families new ways to enjoy games; we want give them a new way to come together, connect, spend time and have fun around the TV or online,” stated Chip Lange, Vice President and General Manager of EA’s Hasbro Studio. Adding, “Bringing the spirit of these games to life as video games has allowed us to create really unique and creative experiences for families and friends of all ages to enjoy together at home or online.”

”We are thrilled that together we are bringing our great toys and games to life in the digital world and providing consumers with new and dynamic ways to enjoy our amazing brands,” maintained Mark Blecher, Hasbro’s Senior Vice President of Digital Media and Gaming.

Hasbro will be organizing the Toy Fair showcase in New York from February 17-19th, where EA is slated to introduce Littlest Pet Shop on the Wii and DS, Nerf “N-Strike”, along with EA Mobile’s Scrabble, Monopoly Here & Now and Yahtzee Adventures. The two latter games are scheduled to be shipped in March and April 2008.

Scrabble (exclusively in North America) and Yahtzee Deluxe are already available for mobile gamers to enjoy on their phones. Spring 2008 onwards, EA Mobile will roll out the next generation of classic Hasbro games, which includes Monopoly Here & Now, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, and Yahtzee Adventures, a re-invention of the classic dice game.

On the other hand, this Fall, online players can enjoy a treat of games, which are being specially developed by EA’s Pogo. The list includes Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition, Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit. Furthermore, Pogo.com is releasing two connected downloadable titles called Operation and Pictureka which can be played offline or players can connect online on Pogo for bonus features and the social experience of playing the game with others.

While Yahtzee will be available for online play in Summer 08; Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition, Trivial Pursuit and Operation will be launching by Fall 08. EA and Hasbro had joined hands to digitize classic and casual board games in August 2007.