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EA Opens New Game Development Studio in India

EA Logo Electronic Arts (EA) today announced the opening of its new game development studio in Hyderabad, India. The studio is not only limited for developing regional gaming content for India but also focuses on developing world class technology.

EA says, it is committed to enhance the gaming ecosystem in India. The new game development studio offers professionals in India a platform to create world class games for gamers all over the world.

Talking about the new studio, Amol Gurwara, head of operations for the mobile division of EA India studio said “The expansion of EA’s development studio in Hyderabad signals a transformational phase for the Indian game development industry. Gaming is one of the most exciting new career options available in the market today and we are looking forward to ramping up our operations significantly.”

“Developers derive a lot of satisfaction when they see that the titles they contribute to connecting with audiences across the world of diverse cultural backgrounds. And working on EA’s titles will allow exactly that to happen. The gaming industry is renowned for embracing talent from a wide spectrum of industries. The new studio in Hyderabad will be an opportunity for local talent to enter the exciting world of gaming and be a part of this worldwide entertainment phenomenon,” Gurwara added.

The EA game studio in Hyderabad currently houses over 200 employees working on mobile game development online and game services for The Sims, art development for PC and online titles. Ea is also working on game automation tools and technologies in its Hyderabad studio.