E-ink develops Segmented Display Cells, Next Generation E-paper

Delphi Key fob E-Ink has launched new next generation segmented display cells (SDC). The new screens are claimed to be 40% slimmer with a wider operational temperature range. Also it features increased flexibility for repetitive 3-D bends or 2-D conformable solutions.

Increased temperature ranges with operations from -10°C to 60°C, and storage from -25°C to 75°C.

The SDC displays use the same E-Ink Vizplex technology that is currently shipping in popular electronic book devices such as the Amazon Kindle, SONY Reader and iRex iLiad.

The salient feature of the SDC is that it can take non-rectangular unique shapes. As per the requirement any shape including holes, curves, and other non-standard designs are possible. Also it boasts an estimated viewing angle of 180°.

“When you need information to make a decision, an E-Ink SDC display lets you see it quickly and clearly from any angle,” said Russ Wilcox, President and CEO, E-Ink Corporation. “With a paper-thin and flexible plastic display that can be cut to any shape, innovative product designs are limited only by the imagination of the designers”

Furthermore, E-Ink claims that the new Vizplex-based electronic paper solutions are bistable, reflective displays that enable the image to remain for over a year with zero power.

Delphi already has adopted the SDC technology for its Key fob.