DXG-567V Camcorder launched in US

DXG-567V Camcorders

DXG USA has launched DXG-567V high-definition (HD) camcorder with direct uploading capabilities in the US market. The DXG-567V camcorder is as small as a mobile phone and has ability to upload recorded videos directly on the internet on websites such as YouTube.

The pocket-sized camcorder is capable of capturing high-definition video of up to 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 frames-per-second (FPS).

Thanks to Rapid Blog Manager software that allows users to upload and share videos on the Internet. Users can just connect the DXG-567V camcorder’s retractable USB connector to a computer, which will automatically launch its menu and users can quickly upload videos from the camera to YouTube, a blog or other Web video site.

Also the DXG-567V can be connected to an plasma or HDTV to enjoy the videos on big screen.

DXG-567V camcorder us now available in the US market in four colors including black, red, pink and sky blue at the price of $179. The camcorder bundle will include all of the required cables including S-video for connecting the camcorder directly to a TV as well as composite video and rechargeable AA batteries.