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DVDFab DVD Ripper Review


As far as DVD rippers go, one of the finest ones out there is DVDFab DVD Ripper. With its simple interface and diverse options, this software lets you create video and audio files out of your DVDs or ISOs. This means, you can now empty your DVD racks and sell them on Craigslist, since all your films and videos can be stored on your PC in full resolution.

Owning DVDs is sort of a limitation these days, since not everyone prefers to keep using DVD players in this age of online streaming. DVDFab DVD Ripper ensures that your discs don’t go to waste. It also lets you rip files into the exact format which is needed to play that file on a particular device.

You might want to rip your DVD of Terminator 2: Judgement Day so that you can watch it on your Android phone rather than your PC. DVDFab’s DVD Ripper has you covered with its wide range of options. Some people would also want to convert their entire DVDs into audio-only files for some amateur editing project. This software lets them do that easily as well. The list of supported formats includes AVI, MP4, WMA, WAV, AAC and many more.

What’s more, this utility is even capable of creating 4K resolution files. This ensures that no matter what the quality of your DVD is, it is restored in that exact quality without any compromise, which is great news.


That being the basic functionality of the program, let us now explore its important attributes. DVDs can have a number of different things embedded into them for accessibility reasons. For instance, one single DVD of a film can have its audio and subtitles in 4 different languages. DVDFab DVD Ripper manages to give you complete control over your output file.

You can choose more than one language or audio, and the resultant file will come embedded with them; so you can select the one you like through whatever media player you are using. This is actually what makes the software a great utility to have on your PCs.

Another ability which we liked was trimming. While creating a file out of a DVD, it’s not always that you want the entire video file; you might just want a single portion of 2 minutes plucked out of it. This would help content creators a lot for their experimental YouTube videos.

DVDFab DVD Ripper also has a few video editing features embedded into its repertoire. Its ability to crop a video to the exact size you want is one of them. Another one is the facility to add a watermark to your resultant file in case you do want it to be misused by others. For the watermark, you can either upload an image of your own or have text inserted instead. And all the changes that you make can be previewed; so that any small changes you feel like making can be made prior to rendering, thus saving a good amount of time.


Now let’s talk about the Copy section which this software presents you with. An old DVD of yours might be scratched and on the verge of going unusable. Or you just might want to save the entire contents of your DVD as they are, in the form of folders or ISO files. At such times, you can use the Copy option to create those files and store them on your computers. Later, you can buy a blank DVD yourself and transfer the content on it easily.

DVD ripping can be a pretty long process, so one should be prepared to wait for the output file to be ready. The makers of this tool hence have tried to make that wait shorter by blessing the software with support for multi-core CPUs. For those with Intel CPUs, the wait will be even shorter since this program supports Intel’s Quick Sync technology. Same goes for those with Nvidia GPUs, as it also utilizes the power of this hardware to make the process smoother.

On installing DVDFab DVD Ripper on your machine, you will also find one more icon on your desktop, named DVDFab Mini. This is nothing but the same program with a much simpler interface and limited options for those who don’t want to indulge in too much tweaking before getting their resultant file. We think this is a great thing to have for people who are not adept in the video encoding jargon.

DVDFab DVD Ripper Mini

DVDFab DVD Ripper is truly a fine DVD ripper for Windows and Mac machines. It’s the diverse yet easy to understand interface of this software that appealed to us a great deal. For someone who really wants to convert all their old DVDs into media files, it would be a great buy. It costs $49 for a yearly license and just $74.99 for a lifetime license. A free trial version also exists, but it places a watermark on your output files.

DVDFab also has several other individual products like Blu-Ray Ripper which does similar things as this program but to Blu-Ray discs.