Dutch coffee shops introduce Fingerprint ID for Age Proof

Smoking Marijuana A few Dutch coffee shops selling marijuana in small quantities for personal use, are now going to check the age of customers by using a fingerprinting technology.

The shops are not legally permitted to sell to anyone below the age of 18. At present, coffee shops are currently using the photographic ID for proof of age.

The coffee shops are not allowed to sell to anyone under the age of 18. Coffee shops currently require photographic ID for proof of age.

The first coffee shops using these built-in fingerprint sensors are Inpetto in Rotterdam, Birdy in Haarlem, and Rotterdammertje in Doetinchem in the east of the country. Customers must first register with the shops, but personal details will not be kept.

FingerIdent has developed the technology, a company owned by Gerrie Mansur, one of the members of legendary Dutch hacking group Hit2000. According to Mansur, the system can match 35,000 fingerprints in less than one second.