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5 Best Dual SIM Phones

Best Dual SIM Phones

We are pulling up a list of the 5 best dual SIM phones just in case regular handsets don’t cut the deal for you. If you have ever found yourself in a situation where a message meant for your friend has been delivered to your boss, then giving a look our roster should do more good than harm. Yes, these phones are known for helping users balance work and professional content and our lineup divulges into the detailed specs to present you with the best ones on the scene.

1. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

Although the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos will be seen making its presence felt only next year, the handset has already managed to find to a place on our dual SIM phones roster for more reasons than one. The Pro Duos is complete with a decent design and interesting features to keep the business folks hooked. This Gingerbread slice will be seen arriving with a 2.6-inch LQVGA TFT LCD screen and a QWERTY keypad in tow. The basics are in place for the phone is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled and it also proffers HSDPA as well as EDGE/GPRS connectivity for users on the move. If you have been thinking about the camera on the phone, then the presence of a 3MP primary one may probably not disappoint you much. Needless to say, the front-facing camera is present within its 110.8mm x 63.5mm x 11.9mm form factor. Moving on to the storage, the device’s 4GB memory is backed by 3GB RAM. Plus, this newbie will also be seen wrapping in a microSD card slot for expanding the memory up to 32GB. The corporate brigade can enjoy access to Samsung Apps, the ChatON service, Google services and the Android Market along with Polaris and Find My Mobile Service.

2. Nokia X2-02

Nokia X2-02

The Nokia X2-02 arrived on the tech scenario just recently and it came attached with a price tag which won’t require you to break the bank. This dual SIM phone’s key features read out to be Play via Radio and Easy Swap. The former spec must have made melody lovers smile, but this indeed is a music centric phone and it allows recording tracks when they are being broadcast on the radio. Besides the onboard radio, there is a player on the handset as well as dedicated music keys and a built-in loud speaker. In such cases, storage space becomes a crucial matter and potential users should leave their worries aside since this Nokia handset’s memory can be expanded with the help of a memory card of to up to 32GB. It fits a 1020mAh Li-ion battery under the hood to proffer about 9.7 hours of talk time on GSM networks. Other details on the spec sheet reveal a 2MP primary camera and a 2.2-inch QVGA TFT display with a numeric keypad. Moving on to the Easy Swap feature, it allows users to seamlessly manage content on as many as five SIM cards with the help of the SIM manager. Instant access to Twitter and Facebook is offered by the pre-installed clients on the gadget’s homescreen. The Nokia X2-02 will require you to give away about €60 from your wallet.

3. Motorola Milestone XT800

Motorola Milestone XT800

‘What’s different with this dual SIM holding piece?’ you would ask. Well, besides the Motorola branding the Milestone XT800 carries a 5MP camera on its rear panel. If the other mobile phone snappers in the list do not satiate the avid photographer in you then this one should probably make the cut. The snapper is complete with AF and dual LED flash attributes. Besides HDMI, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, users can enjoy 5.7 hours of talk time owing to the included 1390mAh battery. This Android running handset, sports a multi-touch screen display fitted in its curvaceous chassis replete with a shining sliver chrome coating which lends it a stylish edge. The handset comes pre-loaded with a 2GB microSD card and the external storage can be expanded up to 32GB as well. The gadget’s 120mm x 61.8mm x11.4mm body tips the scale at 137g. Corporate folks may probably like the attribute which will allow them to edit documents on the go. Plus, when it’s time to sit back and relax after all the work, the device’s multi-format music player can be employed to play back preferred tracks.

4. LG GX500

LG GX500

The next candidate on our dual SIM phones list came out of LG’s stable and it arrived with features such as a 3MP primary camera, a 7.62cm full touchscreen with A-Class UI and an onboard Opera Mini Browser 5.0 amongst others. And if this got you interested then the other specs spell out to be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even a pre-installed anti-theft Mobile Tracker. The GX500 handset sports a 108.9mm x 53.4mm x 12.95mm chassis and tips the scale at 118g.

The device also intends to offer seamless social networking capabilities if you take to staying connected with your family and friends when on the move. Besides, the dual SIM ability that the handset proffers, what may catch many potential users’ attention could probably be its 1500mAh Li-polymer batter delivering talk time of about 15 hours on a single charge. So you could go through the day and a few hours beyond that without having to bother about the battery life. This may probably get the point across that two SIM phones do have a lot more to offer than just that one functionality.

5. Nokia C2-06

Nokia C2-06

If slide-out phones have always been your thing then you can still continue the tradition with the dual SIM Nokia C2-06, the second offering from the Finnish company on our dual SIM phones lineup. Plus, people who’re particular about the color option can make a choice between graphite, lilac and the golden buff shades that this handset comes dipped in. The 2.6-inch resistive touchscreen is embedded within a form factor could be referred to as cute, but its strong metallic shades prevent it from going over the edge and help strike a balance. The onboard 2MP primary camera facilitates 4x zoom to snap up images. The onboard space is expandable with the help of a microSD card of up to 32GB. The embedded 1020mAh Li-ion battery provides the juice for around 5 hours of talk time on GSM networks and about 400 hours of standby. Users can customize swipe gesture shortcuts on the screen for a comfortable UI experience. Besides the dual SIM functionalities, the Nokia C2-06 comes bundled with a 2GB card and can be grabbed at a price of around €80.

This is it, as far as our best dual SIM phones roster is concerned and the same can also be said for the year 2011 which is gearing up to bid adieu. So drop in a line about which one of these candidates will be your companion for the next year and if you already happen to hold a better model than the ones in this list, go ahead and give us the skinny on it.