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Dropbox for Android now enables files to be moved to your SD card

Dropbox has updated its Android application to provide its users with a long awaited feature. Yes, you can now export files from the cloud right onto your SD cards, instead of downloading them to the internal memory and moving them manually.

This is something Google Drive already has on offer, which is probably why Dropbox has felt the need to add it to its application. Moving files to your devices makes it easier for you to access them, as you don’t need to go online for doing that.


So if you’re heading into an important meeting and an crucial infographic that you created last night is in your Dropbox account, you can download it straight onto the SD cards on your Android devices. This way, even if there’s no Internet connectivity where your meeting is taking place, you can still show that infographic to whoever you wish to.

The few steps that it takes to utilize the new feature on Dropbox for Android have also been detailed by its makers. First, you will need to tap the ‘Quick Action’ button that’s present on the right of the file you want to export. Following that, the ‘More’ option will need to be selected to get the ‘Export’ and subsequently the ‘Save to Device’ prompts.

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Then, you just need to pick the external SD card to get going. And in case you aren’t able to see the SD card in the list, the menu within the ‘Save to’ screen will need to be entered into to access ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Display advanced devices’ option.

This Dropbox for Android update is live now on the Google Play store, and it even contains improved Android L support for those who have the Developer Preview installed on their Nexus 5 handsets.