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Dropbox integrated into Yahoo Mail for attachments of any size

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has announced that it has added Dropbox integration into its e-mail service, allowing users to attach files of any size. One of the primary limitations of the client thus far has been that attachments were restricted to just 25MB. This means that if larger files needed to be sent over the Internet, users would have to perform the tedious job of splitting the files into parts.

But now with said integration, according to a post on the official Yahoo Mail blog, it has become easier to send, share, receive and manage attachments. Those who already have an account on the file-hosting service will be able to get started right away, opting to attach files from their stash. Attachments can even be saved to the service, so that important documents are then always available from any device. Those new to Dropbox can create an account from within the e-mail service.

Dropbox Integration

More importantly, users can share documents and other files which are on the cloud. In order to do this, users will have to click on the drop down menu beside the paperclip attachment icon and select the ‘Share from Dropbox’ option. They will then have to navigate to the files they want attached, which will automatically appear within the e-mail being composed. Needless to say, the 25MB limit no longer applies. While uploading files from the PC though, this restriction is still enforced.

Saving Attachments

When it comes to changes and improvements (especially for use on mobile devices), we see a lot of companies release update after update to fine tune the experience, add more features, make things simpler and keep their user base happy. For example, the developers of Evernote regularly throw in upgrades with simplicity and more functionality in mind, and Google does the same for the host of its services.

Compared to these, Yahoo seems a little laid-back in its approach. In fact, it was December last year when the e-mail client for mobile was redesigned. The iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms saw a revamp and the native apps were built to be easy-to-use and make reading and composing messages fast.

Attaching Files

The Yahoo Mail Dropbox integration has been rolled out globally and is already available for the e-mail service on the web in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.