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Dropbox for Android gets its own PDF viewer and more

Over the next few days Dropbox will be rolling out an update to its all-important Android app, which will bless the software with its very own PDF viewer and even grant it support for in-document searches. This rollout will of course take place through the Google Play store, and many users of the app have already received the new version on their devices.

The PDF viewer that will be added by this download will be a full-blown feature, in the sense that it won’t mandate that the files being opened have to have been started in Dropbox. Even if someone emails you such a file, or if it happens to already be saved elsewhere on your phone, you can easily preview it with the new addition. This will work if you’re offline as well.

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Moreover, the developers of Dropbox have infused into the app the ability to easily generate a shared link to PDF files. While previewing the document, all you need to do is tap the ‘Share’ button to automatically generate the shared link. All the PDF files that you share with this method will get saved in the ‘Sent files’ folder, so you don’t have to go looking for them elsewhere.

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Another exciting new addition to this fresh Android version of Dropbox is in-document searching. This will help you jump right to the section you’re searching for, thus helping in cases when the documents are too long. You can full up the file and search for a keyword, and the app will provide you with a list of the places that keyword appears in. Apart from PDFs, this trait also works on other types of documents.

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Like we said, the Dropbox for Android update is now being rolled out through the Google Play store, so it should reach your devices soon if it hasn’t arrived yet.