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Dropbox doubles free storage for referrals, adds drag and drop support as well

Dropbox Free Storage

For every referral brought in, Dropbopx users are now entitled to an additional 500MB, while Pro accounts holders should receive an extra 1GB of free space. The increase in complimentary bandwidth is said to be double from what the company was previously offering.

The company has listed out a quick guide on how to earn the extra storage. The first method includes importing contacts from different mail services to send out requests. Users can even post an invite to Facebook and Twitter as well. The 500GB of additional memory is also obtainable by sharing a unique referral link which is provided to all Dropbox account holders. The URL can be put out through various SNS or emails or blogs.

“Once upon a time, we noticed that Dropbox spread fastest via word of mouth. We’ve always believed that sharing is caring, so we rolled out this referral program to make recommending Dropbox an even sweeter deal. Back then, we gave out only 250 MB per invite. Then we doubled the space for students for inviting friends, and they liked it so much we decided to give it to everyone!” reads a post made on the official Dropbox blog.

In addition to the free storage, the cloud based service has also introduced a new feature. To make uploading content even more convenient, users who depend on Chrome, Firefox or Safari to access their accounts can now store stuff online by simply dragging files from their desktop into any of the aforementioned web browsers.

Dropbox users can check their invite status through the account referral page on the company’s website.