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Drop test shows the iPhone X is the most breakable iPhone ever

iPhone X Drop

The iPhone X is being put through the ringer in the days since its availability, confirming what many of us suspected when the handset was announced – that the all-around glass design would be easy to crack. Device insurance company SquareTrade reaffirmed this suspicion in its 6-stage drop test, going as far as to call the phone ‘the most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone ever.’

This goes completely against Apple’s claims that it had used the most durable glass on a smartphone ever for the iPhone X. SquareTrade dismissed this notion in its side drop test where the phone was attached to a machine and plunged down a height of 6 feet onto a concrete sidewalk.

This evaluation did the most internal damage to the iPhone X, with the OLED screen malfunctioning, the display separating, the edge scratching, and the swipe up to open tool failing. Next, the handset was dropped face down. It instantly shattered, splintering into loose glass. Even Face ID stopped working.

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The iPhone X didn’t do much better in the back drop test, leaving painful scars all over the surface. Apple charges $549 to repair the rear glass, an astronomical amount. On the other hand, a screen replacement costs $279.

The shot and 60-second tumble test lead to similar breakage and home swipe command failings. The one bright spot was in the water dunk test where the iPhone X managed to keep things together for 30 minutes under 5 feet of water. The only thing amiss was some audio muffling during playback.

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In the end, SquareTrade awarded the iPhone X a breakability score of 90, making it a high risk option. In contrast, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 got scores of 67, 74, and 80, respectively.