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Driving Electric Motorbikes While Commuting In The City

erider-model-18-console When people think of electric bikes, one of two things springs to mind. Their minds are either filled with images of electrically assisted push bikes or mopeds that offer them the ability to just about keep up with traffic on their regular journeys into work. With such a poor assumption of electric bikes and just what they have to offer, we thought it was time to take a look at electric bikes, more specifically electric motorbikes and why commuting in the city without one is just plain ignorant.

Electric Motorbikes Have Come A Long Way

With the likes of Tesla dominating the roads, it should come as no surprise that electric motorbikes have come a long way since their first step into the limelight. With speeds far surpassing 70, 80 and even 90 mph, electric motorbikes are showing themselves to be just as good at their petrol siblings and in many ways, even better. Perhaps it’s for those few reasons that many are now turning to electric motorbikes when it comes to their commute in the city.

Here are just a few reasons why people are now deciding against cars and petrol run motorbikes and are instead choosing to drive electric motorbikes.

No More Noise Pollution – if you were given a birds-eye view of the motorway, we guarantee you wouldn’t be able to pick out an electric motorbike from a petrol one. Stand side by side with them however and you’ll notice the stark difference – sound. Electric motorbikes are super quiet which means no more noise complaints when you leave for work before sunrise.


Amazing Power – while petrol motorbikes have always led the way, electric motorbikes are coming up fast behind with many now producing some serious power, so much so they’re giving some real competition. E Rider, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electric bikes, supplies an electric motorbike that offers speeds up to 75mph. While not record-breaking, it’s the ideal choice for those commuting to the city from the suburbs. Hit the motorways with more than enough power and range to get you there and back with ease.

Low Maintenance – whether you’re riding electric mopeds or electric motorbikes, one thing you can rely on is the fact that you’ll be using a relatively low maintenance vehicle. No more engine to maintain which means no more oil top-ups, no more parts going to go wrong. All you need to keep on top of is your battery and of course, the tyres.
Escape Charges – if you’re commuting in a city like London, you’ll be familiar with the Congestion Charge and now the Ultra Low Emission Zone. Having to pay both of these on a daily basis could see you paying up to £24 per day. Enter either zone on an electric motorbike however and you can wave goodbye to that charge for good.

Make Use Of Bus Lanes – with an electric motorbike, you’ll also find yourself privy to using bus lanes too. This means a much quicker journey and no more sitting in congestion.

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If you’d like more information on electric motorbikes and how you can get your hands on one, simply contact E Rider today. E Rider is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and when it comes to quality bikes, they know their stuff. For more information, contact them today on 01928 583030.