Mozilla rolls in Thunderbird 3 e-mail application

Thunderbird 3 Download

Those using Mozilla Messaging’s open source e-mail application can now avail of the latest version of their service dubbed Thunderbird 3 as proclaimed by the developers. The newly introduced features of this fresh version include tabbed e-mail, message archive, smart folders, filtered search, add-ons manager, and much more.

Tabbed e-mail allows users to look up individual e-mails and folders in tabs, web pages through add-ons in tabs. Folder tabs are memorized by the program so that Thunderbird starts up pre-configured and customized according to user preference. Inboxes may be de-cluttered efficiently by archiving mails into the archive folder system for future reference. Smart folders helps users manage multiple e-mail accounts from one spot without the need of going to each e-mail account.

David Ascher, CEO of Mozilla Messaging, averred, “We have some of the most passionate users on the planet who want a personal and familiar email experience – they choose Thunderbird because it’s flexible and they can customize it to be exactly how they want. And for people who just want their mail to be fast and intuitive, features like the new archiving and search help them spend less time worrying about and managing their email.”

Filtered search is equipped with filtering and timeline tools to permit users the option of finding necessary e-mails by word matches, attachment types or correspondents through analysis of previous e-mails. This new version’s web standards and security enhancements are supported by the Gecko 1.9.1 engine. The new e-mail with account setup wizard asks for simple information such as e-mail addresses and passwords in place of IMAP, SMTP, SSL/TLS settings.

“Thunderbird 3 represents more than two years of development from hundreds of developers, security experts, testers and localization and support communities from around the world. Thunderbird 3 continues its history of giving users the most flexibility and control to get through their email faster and have it simply work the way they want it to plus many of the new features take the best of web mail and bring it to the desktop,” further added Ascher.

Other features comprise of one-click address additions to the book by a click of the star icons accompanying messages, add-ons manager and automated upgrades. It also lends support to enhanced Gmail, Windows, Mac OS X integration. The overall enhancements built into Thunderbird 3 are cited to number at over 2,000.

Mozilla Messaging’s Thunderbird 3 is available in more than 49 languages and is Windows, Mac OS X as also Linux-enabled. It can be downloaded from their official website for free and is 6.4MB heavy.