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How to Download xinput1_3.dll, If There is Such a Need

xinputThis article details how to download xinput1_3.dll and install this file on your computer so that in the future such an error does not bother you, as well as why you should not download it from obscure sites.

Probably, when you started the game or the application, you saw a message that the program could not be started, because of xinput1_3.dll missing on the computer. So, you are looking for how to fix the error, or rather, how to download this file and where to save it. The error can appear in Windows 10, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, x64 and 32-bit versions. Typically, this error occurs when you start relatively old games in all the latest version of Windows.

What Is This File and What Is It For?

The file xinput1_3.dll is one of the components of DirectX 9, namely the Microsoft Common Controller API (designed to interact with the game controller in the game).

In the system, this file can be located in Windows / System32 folders (for both x86 and x64) and, optionally, Windows / SysWOW64 for 64-bit versions of the operating system – this is in case you downloaded this file separately from a third-party site and do not know where or in what folder to put it.

In Windows 7 and 8, as well as in Windows 10, Microsoft DirectX is already installed by default, but the version supplied with the OS contains only its main components (not the full set) from the latest supported versions of DirectX  (for example, DirectX 12 for Windows 10). Hence the xinput1_3.dll error is not present on the computer since there are no pre-installed components of previous versions of the libraries in the system by default.

File Download Options


  1. Download from the official Microsoft website.

To install the specified file on the computer, you can simply go to the official Microsoft website and download it free of charge from DirectX (as a web installer for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7). After you install it, xinput1_3.dll will appear in the folders on your computer and will be registered in Windows.

  1. Download separately from third-party sources.

This option is possible, but it is not recommended, because even if it is an original file, it is more likely that you will have new errors, as rarely any game from all DirectX needs only xinput1_3.dll, most likely you will see that there are no and additional files needed to run. The first method allows you to install them all at once. Though, it’s all up to you.

During installation, the installer will check which files are missing on the computer and install them automatically, while in the process you will be able to observe that the files are installed exactly, including xinput1_3.dll, about which the system most often reports that the file is missing.

After downloading all the components and installing them in Windows, the file will appear where it should be. However, for the error to disappear when starting xinput1_3.dll, it may be necessary to restart the computer.