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Download TeamViewer for Complete Remote Access

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In order to better explain why you should download TeamViewer, we’ll give you a situation. Suppose that your workplace has been invaded by intergalactic aliens. Without thinking anything you run for your life in the other room. Astonishingly, a peep through the keyhole reveals that these species are gaining access to your workstation in an attempt to plunder away a super-cool project you’ve been working on. Seems impossible to save it, isn’t it? Well, say hello to TeamViewer, a freeware which allows remote desktop sharing, and file transfer between computers.

The essence of all that sci-fi nonsense up there was to elucidate the fact that everything you please to do on your PC can be done even when you’re miles away from it. Download TeamViewer to go forward with its incredibly uncomplicated setup and get ready to exploit its implausible abilities. This neat little piece of freeware can allow you to retrieve or share content or just plain access to your/someone else’s data from anywhere in the world by using a computer, tablet or a smartphone. Moreover, you can carry out audio and video conferencing with this software, and that we think is a nifty feature.

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Once you get going with it, this clever program, hands you an ID and a Password. You are now free to shell out these details to anyone whom you want to provide access to your PC to. On entering these details on that user’s end, a window pops up on the screen showing every bit of doodad that is happening on your computer. Talking about filters, there are lots of them! Just open the options menu and put a clamp on all the content that you want to share with others. So there you go. It’s secure too.

For those wanting to take the Team Viewer experience a bit further can purchase its corporate version. Not that the free edition falls short on any of the features, but the paid version has been crafted purely for business purposes. Choices of three lifetime licenses – Business, Premium and Corporate are available. These purchases will furnish users with traits like unlimited installations of the software and multiple concurrent sessions from the same workstation. The folks over at TeamViewer are even offering a 7-day money back guarantee, wherein if buyers are not happy with the product, the money shall be returned to them immediately.

The TeamViewer smartphone and tablet app lets you do almost everything that we’ve babbled about till now, from your iOS or Android devices. And that again, is a free download! Once you’ve entered the ID and password on the device, it springs up a horizontal view of your desktop. A virtual keyboard, complete with Ctrl, Alt, Windows keys is also displayed by the app. So if your dear ones are facing problems with their computers, you can always step in and repair them from your phone and astonish them with your antics.

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If remote access to your computer is what you desire, it is exactly what you’re bestowed with when you download TeamViewer. This software can be downloaded for free from here. The iOS and Android versions too are now available for download in their respective stores. So why wait, try out our latest download of the week.