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Download System Mechanic: All-in-one tune-up utility

System Mechanic Software

If you were wondering as to why download System Mechanic, the Windows-based tool developed by iolo technologies keeps up its high standards with the regularly updated clean-up and error fixing offerings. And if that’s not good enough, issues that frequently occur in nine key areas can be addressed through the in-app solutions provided. Since fresh periodic installs of any operating system isn’t always going to keep PCs problem-free, stability and performance can be maintained through a number of applications available. So to keep their computers out of the kill zone, users can download System Mechanic software that comprises tools like the Program Accelerator, Memory Mechanic, Startup Optimizer, CRUDD Remover, Net Booster, Drive Accelerator, PC cleanup, Registry Tuner and Compactor. Also, the software is capable of allowing optimum system functionality.

System Mechanic 10.5

Sporting a clean and convenient interface, users can navigate through all options provided with ease. On installing the app, the first step to a better PC involves a complete system scan from the Overview menu that consists of two options namely ‘Quick analysis’ and ‘Deep analysis,’ which further brings up the computer’s status on how vulnerable it is towards crashes and errors. For a quick clean-up, the ‘Repair All’ button located just below the system status initiates the repair process on all detected problems. Also, creating a more customized approach of solving these flaws, users can select the specific options within each area for carrying out operations from the ‘Problems tab.’

iolo System Mechanic 10.5

Adding to the convenience, the System Mechanic features the ‘Automated Tasks’ option that independently detects problems and carries out operations to repair them when the PC is in an idle state. Users can manually enable or disable tasks to be performed from a list of areas as per their requirement. Besides the system status, the program also keeps tabs on internet related security measures that notifies users if the firewall is disabled or no antivirus is installed or is outdated. Each monitoring function comes with the ability to be turned off or kept active.

iolo Technologies System Mechanic

Moving on, the ‘All-in-one Tools’ located under the ‘Tool Box’ tab provides five essential programs such as PC Accelerator, PC Repair, PC Cleanup, PC Security and the specialized tool ‘Total Registry Revitalize.’ Each of these programs boosts the performance and stability of the computer and builds up a total PC care unit. By utilizing the aforementioned features, the speed can be enhanced through fixes in the registry, cleaning up errors and bugs, removing system clutter like temporary files and improving the overall security.

System Mechanic

Furthermore, advanced users can perform specific operations through the ‘Individual Tools’ that comprises a number of programs for each task. To improve on the overall system performance and stability, the Memory Mechanic defrags the RAM, unused and redundant programs can be removed through the CRUDD Remover, whilst the Energy Boosted speeds up operations by eliminating unnecessary background apps. Additionally, the System Mechanic program hosts a number of features like the Startup Optimizer, NetBooster, Designated Drives and a SSD Accelerator that improves the driver’s efficiency through its specially optimized technology. Besides the performance boost, the software offers utilities for tune-up in other areas including the system cluster, personal privacy, system configuration and diagnostics. For a complete report on the system information, the IntelliStatus menu provides the same with information on HDD space, system memory, startup and background programs and internet connection speed.

System Mechanic Screenshot

With a number of applications for system tune-up and speed boosts available in the market, we recommend users to download System Mechanic 10.5 from iolo technologies that is developed to perform specific tasks for a noticeable increase in system performance and on a timely basis. Also, the addition of many other features for advanced operations in all key areas that are vulnerable to threats and affect the computer’s functionality make it all the more ideal for PC users. To achieve total control over performance and stability, the software offers the System Mechanic 10.5 Professional at $59.95 and a business specific version for a yearly subscription of $79. Also, unlike other developers, iolo technologies allows the app to be installed on all home PCs through the ‘Whole Home Licensing’ option.