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How to download Pokemon GO in India

Pokemon GO is coming soon to India through Google Play Store and iTunes! But why wait when you can download it right away and get a head-start in your career as a gym master? Watch the video posted below that we’ve made just for all those ambitious would-be Pokemon trainers who are dying to play the game already.

Don’t be worried about whether or not there are Pokemon to catch in your area since Nintendo hasn’t yet released the game in India. We’ve been playing it for weeks and promise you that these critters are everywhere – they know nothing about your stuffy, real world boundaries, promise.

The simple trick we’ve demonstrated in our video shows you exactly how to download and install Pokemon GO on your smartphone whether you live in India or elsewhere. We’ve also added the website link you should go to in order to get the game. What are you waiting for? You gotta catch ’em all!

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