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Opera Mini 7.5 for Android comes with Smart Page

Opera Mini 7.5

Saying that things like what a friend had for dinner are important life events, may not be the best way of selling Opera Mini 7.5 to us. But it’s a good try anyway. We mean, details like these do matter to a lot of users on social networks considering the ridiculously mundane status updates that pop up every now and then.

The updated browser now includes a Smart Page feature which serves up a combination of SNS updates and what’s happening across the globe. For staying connected to social networking websites, users can simply submit their Twitter, Facebook or vKontakte details. All updates from these portals will be aggregated in one place in order to save users the trouble of hopping from one webpage to another.

“There are just too many social networks, and I’m a busy man! Now, thanks to the Smart Page I can get all the updates at a glance, even from my favorite Danish newspapers. This is a real time saver!” remarked Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software, while talking about the launch.

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As for the news that will be brought to the forefront, Opera Mini is now designed to observe users’ web prowling habits and source the latest headlines from frequently visited news sites. There’s still more – also part of the introductions is a list of suggested links. Depending on where the user is located, the company and its partners will deliver relevant links to the Android device in question.

Those who want to download Opera Mini 7.5 for Android, can already do so through the company’s website as well as the Google Play store.