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Download licensed WinX MediaTrans for easily managing media from your iOS devices

WinX MediaTrans

If you’re tired of the complicated piece of software that is iTunes, you might want to try out WinX MediaTrans which is a much more streamlined program meant for transferring photos, videos and much more between your iOS devices and your PCs. It helps you easily back up your data, and what’s all the more helpful is the very simple user interface of WinX MediaTrans, which is a definite win over iTunes. What’s more there’s a giveaway of this software happening right now, the details of which you will find in the space down below.

Now you can download a licensed copy of this nice iPhone manager for free at: https://www.winxdvd.com/giveaway/iphone-transfer.htm

One of the things you’ll end up using this software a lot for is transferring photos and videos. With iTunes, there’s always a focus on iCloud backups which makes it frustrating if you just want to bring your media to your PC rather than exhausting your limited cloud storage. But WinX MediaTrans lets you import them directly to your computer. You can do this by selecting particular files or choosing bunches of them which are sorted by date. And there’s of course also the option of getting your entire photo library transferred all at once.

MediaTrans Photo Transfer

But not all media is local. You might have made several purchases on the iTunes store which you cannot access without Internet. One of the newest and most interesting features introduced by this software recently enables the conversion of those files into local MP4s so you can play them on any machine your want. Using its special DRM removal tools, WinX MediaTrans not only allows the localization of movies and TV shows, but also music and audio books purchased on iTunes. This allows you to gain full control of your purchases without the constant shadow of DRM looming over them.

Coming to music, the program in question can act as a superb manger for your MP3 files. We all know how complicated a process this is on iTunes, but with WinX MediaTrans, it’s a breeze. Once you’ve added all your desired songs to the iOS device, you can easily create playlists out of them on your PC, which too will get synced with the device.

MediaTrans DRM Removal

Coming back to videos, one thing we missed out on mentioning before is the focus of this software on saving space via the process of re-encoding. Your videos can be in 4K or 1080p resolutions, but what WinX MediaTrans does is it magically reduces their size by about 50 percent with little to no quality loss. This is pretty remarkable, and extremely useful for those who prefer buying the low storage models of iPhones and iPads. And this particular tool is also very helpful for automatically converting any video on your PC into an iOS-suitable format for viewing on your iDevice.

One of the things that Android has which iOS doesn’t is the ability for the devices to act as flash drives for storage. No matter what the format, an Android device will store the file for you for later retrieval on a different PC. While iTunes doesn’t allow you to do this, MediaTrans certainly does. It has a special section named Flash Drive dedicated to this purpose. Here, you can drag and drop any number of files to store them on your iOS device and make the most of its empty space.


If you’re someone who is into eBooks, this next feature will be very useful for you. There are several PDFs which must be lying around on your PC that you simply can’t get the time to read because you’re always on the go. This software ahas a tool which lets you import those PDF files into your device in the form of iBooks, so that you can make the most of your free time. And this not only works for PDFs, but also for EPUB books or MP3 audio books.

There’s no doubt that WinX MediaTrans is trustworthy, but what makes it even more reliable is the fact that it’s made by Digiarty Software. This is the same company which has been giving us spectacular tools like DVD Ripper Platinum, DVD Copy Pro, 5K Player and many more since the last 10 years. And all its services extend across both Mac and Windows platforms.

Flash Drive

Among all the things WinX MediaTrans excels in, its ability to remove DRM from your iTunes purchases is by far the most impressive. That’s because it finally gives you the liberty to experience the content on any device you want and without worrying about having an Internet connection handy.

WinX MediaTrans can be purchased for both Windows and Mac operating systems at $29.95 with one year of free upgrades. A better plan is the one sold at $35.95, which offers lifetime free upgrades to two PCs. But if you’re lucky enough, you can win the giveaway version of this software as well. All you need to do is head over to this giveaway page of WinX MediaTrans and register with your email. Ten winners will be chosen every day until March 31, and they will win free copies to be used on one PC.