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Download Google Earth and explore the world like never before

Google Earth Ocean

Been dunking that doughnut and a fancy to travel the entire world into your coffee, between breaks? Time, your wallet or a disinclination for unnecessary exercise may not allow you to do so. But Google Earth will. So download Google Earth for PC, Mac or Linux and go around the world in 80 days. If you don’t see everything there is to explore in 80 days, blame it on the fact that this incredible chunk of software is chock-a-block with loads to see, hear and marvel at. It’s your very own Discovery or Nat Geo station for virtual globe, map or geographical information and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Google Earth 6 is a 588KB freeware file download which will need users to stay connected to the web through the installation process. For those who haven’t got a machine with newer internals, RAM issues are likely to crop up. Try disabling a few of the supplied options while using the software. So why do you need to find out what Earth’s all about right from your desk? A bird’s eye view of the cozy old neighborhood, places to visit before the world ends, a dive into the ocean to watch it breathe life into its dwellers – Are those good enough reasons? Have a go at it and tell us yourself.

Google Earth Street View

When Google labeled the Google Earth tool an interactive digital atlas, they did it with a straight face. Since it’s packed with a whole lot of features to flip through, we’ll just wax eloquent on the more interesting ones. Start by checking all the Layers and Places you want to see on the virtual globe. The first category covers roads, 3D buildings, the ocean, weather, NASA, National Geographic Magazine content, Rumsey Historical Maps, volcanoes and still more curiosity-inducing options. Firstly, the name is a bit off the mark owing to the fact that you can explore the Earth as well as the sky, Mars and the Moon with it. Do we need to keep repeating that the views are breathtaking?

Flying over rooftops isn’t the best superhero power Google Earth can give you. Imagine walking down streets and sashaying around trees like you’re practically there. Just drag Pegman from the right hand side and drop him onto a road to take a virtual stroll there. But mind you, Google Street View is only available for roads highlighted in blue. We’re down to what is possibly the most magnificent view and you’re going to dive into the blue for this. We’re talking about the ocean. BBC, Arkive and National Geographic amongst other partners have chipped in to let users discover facts about the water masses with pictures, information, videos and more about marine life, shipwrecks, what the underwater terrain looks like and so on.

If the views don’t appeal to you, the scraps of information will make you feel smarter and worldly wise. Each time you think you’re done exploring a particular area, there’s more to zoom in on and tour through. So hit up the link and download the Google Earth program this week.