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Download Bing Translator app for Windows 8 and RT now

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The Microsoft Bing Translator app is here for Windows 8 and RT devices, long after it hit the mobile version of Microsoft’s OS. It’s difficult to see why the developers would call it a must have application since whipping out a phone for translating stuff seems to be a much more convenient option that pointing a laptop or a convertible at signboards, menus and what not, while traveling abroad.

At any rate, for those who will find occasional use for the app, Bing Translator can be downloaded from the Windows store. It only works with Windows 8 and the RT version of the OS for now. There are a few differences between the mobile and desktop editions of the software, a major one being the inability to use voice to enter text in this latest introduction. But there is a text to speech function which speaks out translations of words fed into the concerned part of the interface.


Apart from letting users input text, Bing Translator for Windows even handles images taken through the camera. So if users snap a picture of a menu, signboard, manual, guide or similar interface that needs to be translated, the application will oblige by overlaying the original text with the translated one. The only problem is the slight awkwardness of clicking photos from a laptop’s or a convertible PC’s camera. The utility is currently said to support over 40 languages, with more expected soon enough.

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When traveling to remote areas across the globe, the unavailability of data connectivity is probably an issue that comes up now and again. Keeping that in mind, the Bing Translator app allows people to download language packs and depend on the application even when offline. This should come in handy even when users need to keep worries about expensive data plans at bay.


The Bing Translator for Windows 8 and RT download can be availed of for free. It supports systems with x86, x64 or ARM processors. The license agreement states that user image information squeezed out of the camera translation feature will be gathered by the company in order to bring improvements to its services and products.