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Downadup still a menace in PCs around the globe

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Citing it as the “very well-engineered” worm, looks like security experts will have a tough time keeping an eye on Downadup or what you can also call as the Conficker.

Having intruded into millions of PCs in the world, Downadup malware has been reported to attack in systems with weak passwords like “password” or “123456” or such others. It renders important services like email and others defunct and can spread via sharing of files. It initially corrupts the system by infecting the Windows server service.

“This is a very well-engineered piece of software,” said Alfred Huger, vice president of development at Symantec Corp.’s security response group reports Computer World. “It’s very well thought out. Whoever wrote it, it’s not their first time writing malware. It looks as if the author has had a great deal of experience writing software, and is fully versed in writing network-level code.”

What is feared out of it is that it may enable its author conduct illegitimate activities like hacking important data, spamming and others and infect many more PCs all over it spreads.

This virus was initially reported in the month of October last year after which it was encountered this month again after which about 1 millions computers, including those in large business organizations have got infected in the span of three weeks.