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‘Don Kaun’ – A Mobile Gaming Contest announced by Jump Games and Reliance Communications in India

Jump Games logo One sphere in Indian gaming that’s truly seeing an upward and positive trend is that of mobile gaming. From games on Bollywood stars to sport stars, it’s all available on your clamshell.

On Thursday, India-based games development and publishing company Jump Games and Reliance Communications announced the release of the India-wide Mega Mobile Contest ‘Don Kaun’ on Reliance Mobile World.

'Sameera the Street Fighter' Poster The grand winner of the ‘Don Kaun’ contest will walk home, or rather will groove on to a date with the popular Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy. Ipods, PS IIs, XBoxs will be given to the various other daily, weekly and monthly winners. And one lucky winner will receive a Plasma TV.

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“Reliance Mobile’s innovative sachet-based pricing for mobile games has created a large mobile gaming community within the Reliance network. The ‘Don Kaun’ contest is sure to create excitement among our subscribers,” said Mahesh Prasad, President Application Solutions & Content Group, Reliance Communications .

The contest will include Jump Games’ ten Mobile games such as Sameera the Street Fighter, Bappi Da Disco King, Run Maddy Run and Baichung Bhutia – Pro Striker as well as a few international titles like Maradona and Van Damme Kick Boxing.

The mobile games featuring in the Don Kaun contest will be available for Reliance Mobile World (R World) subscribers throughout India. The users will be able to access the games on Reliance Mobile World. To be eligible to take part, they need to submit high scores for each game.

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“Mobile gaming is on a steady rise in India and this countrywide contest on Reliance Mobile World is an excellent platform to reach out to our audiences. We have some of our best games up for Don Kaun Contest and we hope that people have a good time playing them and of course, winning prizes that are up for grabs,” said Salil Bhargava, CEO, Jump Games.

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