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dodocool Himalayan Salt Lamp going for a limited-time discount on Amazon right now


If you’ve been wanting to try out a good Himalayan salt lamp for improving the atmosphere of your home and reducing the sniffles, dodocool  is currently offering its product at quite a big discount. Those interested can buy it with a 27 percent discount through Amazon.

In order to avail of the offer, you will need to visit the above link and pick your country. This deal is only available for those residing in the US and Canada though. Once you select between the two countries, you will be provided with a promo code and a link to the dodocool Himalayan salt lamp on Amazon. Just remember to apply the discount code right before checking out.

With that done, this cool little Himalayan salt lamp can be all yours for a very low price compared to the normal rate. The discount will only be available for the next four days. One of the highlights of this product from dodocool is that it comes with a three-prong plug which goes right into the socket so you don’t have to deal with long, winding cables.


Additionally, the plug can be rotated up to 270 degrees, just in case your socket happens to be upside down. We know, we know! How can salt voodoo help with allergies, right? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. If your nose feels constantly stuffy or you have trouble breathing, you’ve probably tried numerous home and over-the-counter remedies for it.

The lump of NaCl in the Himalayan salt lamp is not just sitting there looking pretty; it has a long list of health benefits to offer. Due to the combination of a 10W bulb and natural crystal salts, this dodocool lamp is able to absorb water molecules from the air, while releasing negative ions. These in turn are responsible for purifying the air by neutralizing pollutants like allergens and irritants.

Dodocool Himalayan Salt Lamp

Similar to (but not exactly like) the Plasma mode that’s available in some air conditioners, the lamp is capable of removing particles of dust, mold, pollen, pet dander and mildew from the air to a certain extent. So people suffering from several types of allergies, as well as those who experience symptoms of asthma and sinusitis will find they have something to gain by using it.

Himalayan Bulb

The lamp even acts as a sort of deodorizer for those who may not have breathing trouble, but still want their home to smell fresher. The long and short of it is that Himalayan salt lamps are known to be beneficial for improving the user’s sleep, mood as well as breathing pattern. The soft glow emitted by this dodocool product is soothing to the eyes. So it also acts as a stress reducer.

If you’re interested in purchasing the dodocool Himalayan salt lamp, be sure to click on the link provided above in order to grab the discount code.