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Dock Adapter For 2G iPod Shuffle launched by Griffin

Griffin 2G iPod Shuffle Dock Adapter

Griffin Technology has introduced a convenient adapter that enables owner of the 2G iPod Shuffle to use their players with Dock connector-equipped peripherals.

With the latest Dock Adapter, all iPod shuffle owners can use a wide array of devices, such as speaker systems. It links the shuffle up directly to the dock connector on such devices, rather than requiring users to connect to such devices using a line-in port, should one be available.

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It is small enough to fit in any accessory case and features a slider switch that toggles between Charge/Sync and Audio Play modes. In Charge/Sync Mode, the Dock Adapter allows for data transfer and iTunes synchronization to and from the attached iPod shuffle as it recharges the battery.

Griffin’s Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle is being distributed by AM Micro, and is priced at £12.99 (including VAT). It should be available on shelves by the end of this May.

So here ends your quest to find a perfect dock for your Second-generation iPod shuffle.

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