Disposable HOP1800 Anti-iPhone announced by Hop-On

HOP1800 Anti-iPhone

Hop-On has introduced cheap disposable mobile phone named HOP1800. The phone is also called as anti-iPhone. The HOP1800 is available in the US at just $10. The phone supports dual-band 850/1900MHz.

The latest disposable phone has no LCD or camera. It is just made for making and receiving calls.

“Though the iPhone is an amazing device, I challenge anyone to make a call faster than with the HOP1800,” says Hop-On CEO Peter Michaels.

“With the cost of living and roaming fees going through the roof, the HOP1800 is also the perfect iPhone traveling companion. Just buy a local SIM card and you can use the HOP1800 with over 40 domestic wireless carriers,” Michaels added.

The phone weighs only 77 grams and features 4 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time.

Hop-On also encourages HOP1800 users to be environment conscious by offering them a $5 mail-in rebate to return the phones for recycling.