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6 DisplayFusion Alternatives

DisplayFusion alternatives will come to your rescue if you find it difficult to operate your multi-monitor setup. Whether it is about moving windows between screens, taking the cursor to the other monitor without much hassle or getting taskbars on each of the screens, these software here will help you carry out each of these operations with ease. The program in question has a number of advantages to it such as wallpaper management, multi-monitor taskbars, pre-configured functions and the option to configure display settings and saving them as Monitor Profiles for instant activation. For more information regarding similar utilities, you can check out the substitutes we have here.

1 – UltraMon:

This is one software for Windows that helps you make the most of multiple monitors and boost your productivity. UltraMon brings a custom window button which is placed on top for allowing you to move the particular window on to another monitor. You can simply drag and drop a maximized window from one display to the other. It always helps to have a smart taskbar and if you choose the standard version of this feature, the program will give you a separate taskbar for every monitor.


If you move an application window to another monitor, it will automatically appear on the taskbar of that monitor. On the other hand, you have the mirror mode that lists all the active applications in a single taskbar. Moreover, you can create shortcuts, use a single image across all screens or different wallpapers and even mirror the main monitor on the other connected ones.

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Price: $39.95

2 – MultiMon Taskbar:

The second spot on our roster of programs like DisplayFusion has been assigned to MultiMon Taskbar which creates extra taskbars and displays them on the respective extended monitors. Only applications that run on that monitor will appear in that screen’s taskbar and will be omitted from the main monitor. On XP systems, the program adds a move to the monitor button to all your applications for your convenience.

MultiMon Taskbar

It is compatible with Windows platforms up to W7 and if you are using a three-monitor setup, you are required to place the main monitor in the center. These are the features of the free version and a pro version of the utility is also available through the official website with additional attributes and functions.

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Price: Free (Personal), $35 (Pro)

3 – Dual Display Mouse Manager:

Dual Display Mouse Manager or DDMM is a simple but thoroughly helpful utility for working on two screens at the same time. Usually, bringing the cursor to the edge of one screen causes it to move to the monitor on that side and which gets a tad annoying if it happens time and again. Enter DDMM. This program requires you to keep the cursor pressed to the edge for a while for transferring it to the other monitor.

Dual Display Mouse Manager

And what’s more, it allows teleporting the mouse from one to the other with a simple hotkey. A tray icon has been tossed into the mix to display the current monitor and the status. It can work with three monitors at a time.

Price: Free

4 – ZBar:

Taking our compilation of applications similar to DisplayFusion further is ZBar, which works somewhat like MultiMon Taskbar. It lets you have a taskbar on all of the monitors you are using, either on top or bottom of the screen. And along with this, the program even puts a couple of rows of buttons and you can get an optional clock for every monitor if you so wish.


Moving windows to adjacent screens is hardly a difficult task as you can do this, using keyboard shortcuts. And what’s more, you can even choose to have separate wallpapers for every screen or a single image across all of them.

Price: Free

5 – Actual Multiple Monitors:

Actual Multiple Monitors brings a set of tools that have been specially designed to help you maximize the speed and comfort of a multi-monitor setup. You can have taskbars on each of the displays and this will definitely facilitate navigation through all of your windows. You may have noticed that the Task Switcher (which gets activated when you press Alt + Tab) always appears on the primary screen and thus requires you to turn your attention to it every time you use the feature.

Actual Multiple Monitors

But not if you have this software installed as it clones the switcher on the secondary screens. Background customization options can also be found and you can divide desktop into various non-intersecting tiles. The utility is compatible with all Windows platforms.

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Price: $24.95

6 – Dual Monitor Tools:

Dual Monitor Tools has been added to the catalog of programs like DisplayFusion because they have multiple advantages and you can choose to install the utility that you think you need, instead of an entire software. First up is Swap Screen which lets you restrict mouse movements to a screen and permits you to shift an application window to another monitor or a pre-defined position with some keystrokes. With Dual Launcher, you can set positions for application windows and launch them instantly using some keys.

Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Wallpaper works like the background features of all of the aforementioned applications and Dual Snap comes in handy for displaying the picture taken on the primary monitor on all the other screens. And if these are not enough, there’s DisMon which can be utilized for deactivating the multi-monitor setup temporarily so you can play games and launch applications that do not support this kind of set up.

Price: Free


Hopefully, we have convinced you that you can consider using one of these DisplayFusion alternatives instead of the one in question. They have most of the features that you look for in a program like this and if you do happen to install one of these, drop in a comment to tell us just how useful they are.