Displax Multitouch Globe rolled in

Displax Multitouch Globe 1

Adding to the options covering the Samsung SUR40, HP’s VantagePoint and other generously proportioned touch surfaces, is the Displax Multitouch Globe which was recently unveiled by the company. As the name suggests, the display is shaped like a globe and integrated with Displax‚Äôs capacitive multi-touch technology.

The globular screen boasts of a diameter measuring 1 meter or an overall estate of 120 centimeters and considering this size, it would probably be most suitable for commercial or educational purposes. The display can be employed in museums, geographical information centers, TV networks, to name a few. It may also serve well as a visitor attraction at entertainment facilities.

Accommodating up to 6 touch points all at the same time, this globe is draped with a transparent flexible polymer film. When non-conductive flat surfaces are applied with this film, they can transform to proffer multi-touch capabilities. Content is played on the spherical surface with the help of a projector and a special ‘fish-eye’ lens, just so it can adapt to the curved format.

Users can interact with the Multitouch Globe almost as intuitively as they do with touch surfaces currently available in the market. Additionally, this setup apparently employs a more natural design which should result in smooth interaction between the gadget and user, for tasks like browsing through maps on the rounded screen interface or even surfing the web amongst other things.

Displax Multitouch Globe 2

The Displax Multitouch Globe is expected to show off its features and utility at Integrated Systems Europe which will be held from January 31 to February 2, in Amsterdam.