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Disk Drill Pro 3 Review

Disk Drill Pro 3

No matter how much you focus on backups, no one can avoid that perpetual anxiety of losing important data accidentally. Disk Drill Pro does a good job at aiding this stress, since it’s a tool designed to magically recover your deleted data from your Mac and Windows machines.

And that’s not all; version 3 of the software which was released not too long ago, also supports data recovery from iOS and Android devices as well as USB drives, memory cards and other storage devices, which is doubly awesome. So recovering that important SMS which got unknowingly erased from your iPhone is a piece of cake with Disk Drill.

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Developed by CleverFiles, Disk Drill Pro 3 is free to download and use. However, you will only be able to recover 100MB worth of files in the free version. You will need to purchase the full version in order to be able to un-delete more files. That said, let’s take a deeper look at its offerings to truly understand its potential.

Disk Drill Pro 3 Homescreen

Once installed, Disk Drill Pro 3 lays in front of you a pretty simple interface showing the various drives that exist on your computer. And if a device like a USB drive or a phone is connected, that will be shown as well. A big button named Recover accompanies these drives. This makes viewing your deleted files nothing more than a one-click operation.

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Once they’re found, you can tap on the Recover button again and all your important data will be salvaged by Disk Drill Pro 3. The appeal of this software has a lot to do with the simplicity of its interface. It’s extremely easy to understand, and doesn’t mandate an expert sitting by your side, dictating you what to do.

One thing that is important to know is that deleted data has less chances of being recovered the later you are with your actions. It’s hence always advisable that you start the recovery process as soon as possible. Waiting for too long will result in new data being overwritten on the recoverable files.

For dire situations when a certain hard drive becomes sort of unresponsive, Disk Drill Pro 3 has a feature for letting you turn a device into a bootable drive. A few simple steps enable you to write the software onto a flash drive, which is a good little thing to do considering data loss can happen to anyone, anytime.

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Disk Drill Pro 3 Recovery

When it comes to recovering files, there are a few different approaches that Disk Drill Pro 3 allows you to take. The regular quick scan will take just a few minutes to go through large hard drives, but the Deep Scan option takes a lot more time to dig deeper into the storage device, and this in turn, results in more files being salvaged.

One of the fringe benefits of Disk Drill Pro 3 includes its data management tools. The Clean Up tool lets you easily visualize your disk drive space and delete unwanted files. The find Duplicates option on the other hand will show you files that it thinks exist at more than one location, so you can weed out the useless copies.

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Now this particular trait has also been turned into a separate app in itself. Available currently on the AppStore, Duplicate File Finder & Remover is a neat little tool to have as it not only finds duplicates in drives, but also in the cloud.

Coming back to Disk Drill 3 Pro, it’s indeed a neat software for your Windows and Mac machines. You can try it for free, but as you know, only 100MB worth of files can be redeemed this way. A Basic upgrade will cost you $89 on Mac and $49 on Windows.

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