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Discord’s Clyde Bot To Be Powered By OpenAI Tech

Discord Discord has announced that it is updating its Clyde bot using OpenAI technology. It will be rolled out along with AutoMod AI and Conversation Summaries, in the coming week as part of a “free public experiment.”

The new AI-powered Clyde will answer questions and be capable extended conversations with users and their friends. Users can type @Clyde in a server in order to start talking to the chatbot in any channel.

Discord members can can even instruct Clyde to start a thread for a group of their friends to hang out. Additionally, it can recommend playlists, and access GIFs and emojis.

Last year, Discord introduced AutoMod, an automatic moderation utility which eliminates the need to manually moderate a server. By adding AI coupled with large language models to the mix, the company hopes to make the tool even better at its job.

Ever feel overwhelmed by having to catch up to the conversation just because to had to take an unexpectedly long bathroom break from Discord? Thank god for Conversation Summaries, right? It’s the third big AI-fueled experiment Discord wants to show off to you.

This feature basically separates messages into specific categories so you’re not lost in the deluge of conversations you missed.

Also on the menu are an AI-powered text-to-image generator that will function as a shared whiteboard and the self-explanatory Avatar Remix app.

In other news, Discord voice chat is now available on the Sony PS5 console for those who want to to talk to their friends on desktop, web, console, or mobile platforms. Users will have to link their PSN account to their Discord account in order to do this, of course.