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Digital Video Broadcast: Handheld Mobile TV Pilot to be delivered by Nokia and Doordarshan in India

Nokia and Doordarshan Logo Yesterday, Nokia announced the pilot of Digital Video Broadcast- Handheld (DVB-H) broadcast mobile TV in collaboration with Doordarshan, which is India’s national television broadcaster. This move has been made in an effort to bring living room entertainment a step closer to Indian consumers.

“India becomes one of the leading countries in Asia to deploy live broadcast mobile TV bringing Indian consumers a step closer to watching their favorite programmes on their mobile devices,” said Jawahar Kanjilal, Director, Multimedia, Nokia Asia Pacific. “We are excited to collaborate with Doordarshan to enable their mobile TV services. This is a great opportunity for the vibrant content industry in India to take advantage of bringing television into the pockets of the Indian consumers.”

Mobile TV Broadcasting allows users to watch their favorite TV programmes on their mobile devices. Basically, the service works by receiving a digital TV broadcast signal optimized for mobile devices from the air in the same manner in which televisions do.

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During this pilot, Doordarshan will test the reception quality of the broadcast coverage and will also explore such services such as advertising and interactive services. With the launch of the pilot version of the Digital Video Broadcast- Handheld, Doordarshan will also be able to gauge consumer expectations of the service.