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This digital tattoo is the coolest way to unlock the Moto X

If you’re looking for newer ways of keeping your devices safe and secured and happen to own a Moto X, this one’s for you. Motorola has announced the launched of the a digital tattoo which you can stick on your arm (or any part of the body for that matter) and tap the handset on it to unlock it.

But you might want to have a look at its price before getting all excited about it. A pack of ten such stickers will set you back by $9.99 which means one digital tattoo costs $1. And the only purpose it serves is unlocking your handset, helping you can save the time you spend punching in the unlock code or swiping in the pattern.

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Developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, it is being sold by VivaLnk Inc. This adhesive nickel-size tattoo will apparently last for five days and doesn’t let showering, swimming and other vigorous activities bother it. If you’re wondering how it works, NFC is your answer.

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Motorola has observed that an everyday user takes 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone, and moreover, they perform this process about 39 times a day. And for those who prefer not setting up a lock in order to save time, these digital tattoos will prove beneficial, according to the company.

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You can head over to VivaLnk.com to buy a 10-pack of these digital tattoos for your Moto X. If you’re interested in this technology and want it to work with any other phone, you can enter a request for it on this site as well.