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Digital Storm Bolt Titan Edition price revealed, will have new Nvidia GTX GPU

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A Titan Edition of the Digital Storm Bolt has been announced and it will have at its heart the newly revealed Nvidia GTX Titan graphics solution, which is accounted for in its starting price of $2,499. The graphics card, positioned as the world’s fastest, is built with the company’s Kepler architecture that powers the new supercomputer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The new Edition will carry over elements from the PC maker’s Bolt, namely its tag of being the slimmest ever gaming computer. In addition, the PC has a unique ventilation system and as a result, is one of the few in its class which is able to handle the Nvidia graphics card.

Nvidia GTX GPU

The chassis has been custom designed and sports a number of vents near each decidedly vital component. There are even large ducts on the top and the rear of the cabinet which help in eliminating any stagnant air that might gather inside the PC. The entire system has been designed such that there is a dedicated channel of air created by a side vent in order to ensure that the power supply stays cool.

The company says that this design helps the PC achieve great levels of performance without an excessive buildup of heat. This also contributes to keeping the system quiet even when faced with the prospect of some of the most grueling gaming sessions.

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Coming to the new high-end Nvidia graphics card, it has a staggering 2,668 GPU cores, supports new technology to automatically boost graphics performance and can even be combined with additional identical units in SLI mode for near super-computing power. It has a high-quality exterior aluminum frame providing protection and utilizes high efficiency vapor chamber cooling. The GPU itself will be made available starting on February 25, 2013 at $999. It will even come to India in the first week of March with a towering tag of Rs. 68,499.


The company has revealed that the Titan Edition Bolt is now available, but it is listed as coming soon on the official online website. However, gaming enthusiasts with a little money to spare shouldn’t be discouraged; it is being offered with an instant 10 percent discount for $2,777 and is estimated to ship in 10 to 15 business days.