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Difference Between Software And Cybersecurity Engineers

Developer Cybersecurity and software development are intrinsically connected. An obvious proof of it is that they get mentioned together quite often, and the line between the two practices tends to become a bit blurry.

Let’s clear the air now by defining what the roles of cybersecurity developer and software developer entail.

Cybersecurity: job outlook, qualifications, and responsibilities

First, check out some of the most important facts and statistics about being a cybersecurity specialist. One thing seems to be certain — this is a very, very popular job.

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High demand

If you’re hoping for a relatively secure job, then you should consider a career in cybersecurity if you have the aptitude for it.

2022 has been especially promising in this regard as cybersecurity personnel have been in high demand. In 2021 alone, the workforce gap in this field was estimated at 3.1 million globally.

Businesses are now very much aware of cyber threats and how safety issues can ruin everything they’ve built. Recent examples of online medical records getting stolen or the theft of the $321m Wormhole Ethereum variant definitely caused some panic and increased worry for cyber safety.

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Thus, it’s no surprise that the average annual salary in cybersecurity is over $100,000.

Qualifications required

programmer coding software on computer Just as the roles in cybersecurity are widely different, so are the qualifications required for the role. Generally, you would need to know how different tech devices and platforms operate, and how to manage them (use codes, access databases, deal with different files, and so on).

Is a degree in cybersecurity absolutely necessary? Not really, since not all institutions have created departments dedicated to cyber safety. Masters in Cybersecurity are more common, though.

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The relevant educational background is desirable, whether it comes from a bachelors’ degree or an online course. Knowledge of privacy laws and intellectual property laws can also be a big plus in some sectors.

Cybersecurity specialist duties

Cybersecurity is a work area that involves a lot of versatility and goes much beyond simply taking care of strong passwords and installing malware-proof programs. Here is a brief list of cyber responsibilities to ensure maximum safety:

  • Recognizing software (and hardware) vulnerabilities
  • Dealing with authorization access
  • Identifying potential threats
  • Inspecting the concerned network for signs of attack
  • Inventing methods to secure software/hardware
  • Providing reports to the supervisors
  • Helping with employee training

Of course, the duties vary across cybersecurity sectors. For example, a malware analyst, penetration tester, cloud security specialist or computer forensics analyst would all be considered cybersecurity personnel.

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Software development: Prospects, background, duties

A software developer creates software systems that are in accordance with a company’s goals. In short, they take full care of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), while cybersecurity developers are just one part of it.

Career prospects

The future for software development engineers seems pretty sweet as the demand for them across companies has risen substantially in 2022; and this goes for all industries, not just IT. There are several reasons behind this spike in demand.

First of all, software projects are getting more and more complex. This requires extra staff, of course. Also, codes need to be updated regularly. Finally, the whole planet is expanding into the digital world as more and more businesses are using online resources, to put it in a nutshell.

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Regarding the salary, the average annual software developer’s salary stands at over $100,000.

Software developer: Qualifications


Potential employers expect software developers to possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area of study, or a certificate of a finished course. What exactly an employer may demand from a software developer largely depends on the specific project they have in mind, but a degree from an accredited institution can be very valuable.

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Excelling at solving complex problems and critical thinking are definitely important developer skills to show off at a coding interview.

Software developer responsibilities

A software developer has a number of different duties they should excel at:

  • Coding in the required language(s)
  • Building or modifying software based on a company’s goals
  • Testing new software
  • Identifying potential issues and resolving them
  • Software system management
  • Instructing other developers on how to use the code they prepared, and so on

Which career better: cybersecurity or software development?

In case you’re thinking about a career in any of these two fields, there are a couple of reasons why either could be a great fit.

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As the cybersecurity risks are increasing, and software development projects are getting more and more expensive, the salaries for these roles will be in line with the market demands. Therefore, both jobs provide excellent growth opportunities.

Despite the fact both jobs require similar skills such as coding, identifying issues and resolving complex problems, in essence, they are different. Cybersecurity engineers, for example, are focused on keeping companies’ systems safe from online as well as insider threats. In contrast, software developers require cybersecurity services in order to secure the success of their projects.

All things considered, the career choice is up to your personal preferences — both options are very much valued today and will continue to be so in the future.

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