DGamers Community for Disney Players on Nintendo DS announced

Disney, DGamers Logo Disney Interactive Studios has announced DGamer, an online community developed exclusively for Disney gamers. It can be accessed through the Nintendo DS in the US.

DGamer is influenced by the community technology of Disney.com. It will allow gamers to login with their DS to create and customize 3D avatars and profiles. The avatar can be created with different kinds of outfits, hats, eyewear, accessories etc. On the other hand Disney-themed costumes are available for players to dress up their avatars.

Moreover, DGamers features social networking capabilities including viewing friends’ profiles and posting high scores on DGamer’s leaderboards. Also it offers “honors” to players after completing in-game missions. Such achievements also unlock certain special avatars and exclusive content.

Disney has also encouraged parental control through the DGamer community by giving them an active role to play. They can specify the level of interactivity that their kids should have online and feel confident that their child’s experience is age appropriate. Parents can choose between three chat levels for their kids’ use by utilizing the familiar security features. Through the “Speed Chat”, kids can communicate using a predetermined list of words and phrases. While the “Speed Chat Plus” is a modified free-form typing that blocks inappropriate language or suggestive phrases, the “Open Chat” requires an exchange of a “True Friend Code” outside of the DGamer system.

“DGamer was built around the vision to connect Disney video game fans in a secure, fun environment and it is truly the first integrated online community of its kind to do so on multiple platforms,” said Graham Hopper, executive vice president and general manager for Disney Interactive Studios. “We recognize the importance of delivering unique experiences to our consumers and how crucial it is for parents to feel confident that the community is secure for their kids.”

Disney is expected to launch the DGamer community in the other parts of the world by 2009.