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Dell Vostro A860, A840 Laptops and A180, A100 Desktops Announced

Dell Vostro A860 and A840 Laptops

Dell has expanded its Vostro series of computing devices with the launch of new laptops and desktops. The newest members in the series include A860 and A840 laptops while A180 and A100 are the new desktops.

The Vostro A860 is a 15.6-inch laptop mainly meant for business tasks. The key features of Vostro A860 includes an HD widescreen LCD with anti-glare coating, integrated network modem and wireless connectivity with optional Bluetooth capabilities. Buyer can also customize his/her own piece with range of choices such as Intel processors from Celeron to Core 2 Duo and various operating systems including Ubuntu Linux or Microsoft Genuine Windows Vista.

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On the other hand the Dell Vostro A840 laptop is smaller in size as compared Vostro A860. The 14.1-inch laptop incorporates an anti-glare WXGA widescreen LCD and offers reliability with mobile business computing. Like the Vostro A860, buyers can even customize the A840. They can choose their preferred processors or operating system.

Dell Vostro A180 and A100 Desktops

Coming towards the Vastro desktops, the new Dell Vostro A180 is made to undertake business computing. The system offers Intel Celeron and Pentium dual core processors to optimize office application performance and simple multi-tasking. Besides, it offers option of Ubuntu Linux or Microsoft Windows Vista.

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While the Vostro A100 is an entry level desktop. It features Intel Atom processor and Ubuntu Linux operating system.

“Within the world’s emerging economies millions of new businesses are demanding just the technology they need, at the prices they can afford, from a vendor they can trust. Today we answer that need by introducing new products that join our existing Vostro product line,” said Steve Felice, President, Dell Asia-Pacific/Japan. “Together with our partners, Dell will play an important role in bringing more technology to more people than ever before – whether in business or in the public sector. Vostro is a key building block to unleashing the potential of the Connected Era.”

Dell’s new Vostro desktops and laptops will be available in more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

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