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Dell Inspiron One 19 Review: Simple, clutter-free looks pack in decent performance

Dell Inspiron One 19

Many tech fiends could vouch for Dell’s ruggedness and reliability. However, the company also carried the burden of manufacturing bulky products. Over the years, we have seen the company strive to shed off that avatar to stay at par with the changing tech realm. Talking about the intensive (ongoing) makeover of the tech world, all-in-one desktop PCs have sustained a considerable space in the market. This space saving desktop replacement option has formed a noticeable category with devices from renowned manufacturers like Apple, Lenovo, Asus, Gateway and of course Dell. The contribution to this augmenting range comes from Dell in the form of its Inspiron One 19 AIO. So, we were thrilled to receive a review unit of this product from Dell’s quarters. Unfolding its attributes one by one, we have scooped out this exclusive analysis for our readers.

Taking the device out of Dell’s intensive packaging boxes, the Dell Inspiron One 19 needed some help to be placed on our desk. A wireless keyboard and mouse combo, a user guide, software license, a safety and regulations booklet and a few software CDs were bundled neatly along with the product.

The Dell Inspiron One 19 came across tad bulkier taking the shape of a rectangular block. The 18.5 inch (diagonal) screen is framed by a thick bezel on all four sides. In fact, the lower part of the screen is supported by a firm base with a random pattern showing off on a transparent plastic-built sheet. The Dell device is all black except for the patterned lower portion. The screen is supported by a stand similar to the one found in a photo frame or let’s say a digital photo frame for our tech-savvy folks.

Its back portion has vents for heat dissipation on the top while speakers are positioned to the right and left side of the stand (also lower edge) that not only supports the device but also helps in adjusting the screen inclination. However, its flexibility is limited and do not expect an extended viewing angle adjustment. The stand looks sturdy and is crafted bulky enough to carry the device’s body mass.

Absurdly rather inconveniently, the stand comes with the middle portion extracted which leaves room for accessing the ports embedded on the rear portion. Besides, the right edge of the device also carries some more ports. All in all, it has five vacant USB ports – three on the rear and two on the right edge. By vacant we meant, the sixth port was constantly occupied by the Bluetooth stick of the mouse and keyboard.

The rear part also integrates Gigabit Ethernet, printer parallel, PS/2, serial connector, line-out connector and power connector. The right edge of the machine embeds power button, active HDD LED, headphone/microphone jack, auto and brightness adjust, multi-card reader and IEEE 1394a connector. The DVD drive slot runs along the left edge. Dell has mounted its screen on a base which didn’t seem of any use to us, probably Dell wanted to accentuate the plain Jane device with some stylish effects. It has worked but not to a great extent.

Inspiron One 19

The Dell Inspiron One 19 that we received was fuelled by 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 and 3GB RAM. On the graphics front, it has been integrated with Intel GMA x4500. The storage space option available to us was 320GB. However, Dell offers other configurations to opt for. It runs on Windows 7 Home Basic. Well, we can clearly say this is a great move from Dell and helps enhance the complete user experience. The screen also displays a dock offered by Dell which frenetically reminded us of Mac systems. This dock lets you easily drag a function to form its shortcut on the desktop and did appear handy at times. Moreover, we could personalize the dock as per our preferences.

Moving to the display, the 18.5-inch screen comes with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and 16:10 aspect ratio. The viewing experience has been good, though not great. It did handle 720p content pretty well but the screen size does hinder the HD viewing experience. The sound quality is one of the glitches in this AIO. It isn’t loud enough to fill a room and we’d suggest external speakers for all movie and music freaks.

We loaded some of our casual PC games and the experience was satisfactory. The graphics aren’t great to allure hardcore gamers but satisfactory for casual ones like some of us. The wireless keyboard and mouse made it a clutter free device with no dangling wires except for the main power cord attached at its back. The ergonomically designed mouse and the user-friendly keyboard were comfortable to use. The keyboard leaves a lot of room for palm rest while its top portion has been integrated with hotkeys for music controls, homescreen, email, calculator and more.

The integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam is another fun-filled attribute of this Dell machine. It takes decent videos and snapshots. The included video effects and avatars could keep you engaged for longer time. The settings option allowed us to tweak backlight, brightness and more. As aforesaid, Windows 7 is a great attribute and brings in several new elements. The inclusion of Gadget seems a great way to add handy widgets to your desktop such as calculator, clock and so on. The task bar seems rejuvenated with the Aero Peek while Aero Snap is yet another amazing function. Overall, Dell users can take utmost advantage of the Windows 7 operating system.

Setting up the Dell Inspiron One 19 was simple and quick. Multi-tasking was good on an average but we did face a few lags and our commands didn’t receive quick response from the device. The company also bundles an extensive and impressive software suite which includes Microsoft Works. Microsoft Works turned out to be quite handy and let us conveniently manage calendar (appointments), contacts, and programs.


Dell has portrayed simple looks with this AIO, but the device appears on the bulkier side.

The Inspiron One 19 is inclusive of various connectivity options.

The device manages to deliver a good performance.

The inclusion of wireless mouse and keyboard option further enables a clutter free environment.

The display is small but the quality is decent.

It is really nice to see the device come with an SD card slot.


Dell could have included support for HDMI.

A larger screen would further pep up the viewing experience.

Our Shout


We have seen the market set ablaze with more than a handful of all-in-ones. With the likes of the latest all-in-ones, we did expect something much better from Dell. Nevertheless, the device did impress us to a great extent. Putting aside a few glitches, it has received a rating of 7 on 10 from us. The Dell Inspiron One 19 is priced at Rs. 37,299.