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Dell Dimension E520, E521, C521 systems and XPS 210 for Consumers, Small-Businesses launched

Dell XPS210 Dell has introduced four new desktop computers with a variety of sizes, processors and graphics to choose from, making it simpler for users to customize their PCs for specific needs, from entertainment to office applications.

Amongst the latest launches, three new Dell Dimension E520, E521 and C521 systems offer consumers and small businesses a variety of custom-configurable features for entertainment and productivity applications. The Dimension E520 and E521 desktop systems are highly expandable and upgradeable, while the Dimension C521 offers mainstream entertainment features at approximately half the size of the Dimension E520 and E521.

The slender XPS 210 delivers the power of Intel Core 2 Duo processor performance in an award-winning industrial design about the width of a business card, perfect for dorm rooms, space-constrained offices or entertainment centers.

The new systems are Microsoft Windows Vista capable, developed to run the visual, networking and security enhancements of the Windows Vista operating system when available from Microsoft.

Jeff Clarke, senior vice president, Dell Product Group said, “Dell leads the industry in worldwide desktop computer shipments because we listen to customers and deliver innovative technology products at a high value and quality.” Clarke added, “These new Dell desktops are providing a breadth of choice that makes it easy for customers to personalize technology to meet their office productivity or entertainment needs today and in the future.”

The Dimension E520, E521 and C521 desktops offer a number of performance features, multimedia options and designs, many driven by direct customer feedback. Each desktop ships standard with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center, and offers a choice of configurations and sizes that can be customized to run nearly any multimedia application. Dell QuietCase technology allows each system to operate quietly in homes or offices.

Depending on the model, customers can select dual-core technology such as Intel Core 2 Duo processors and, for the first time, AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors to enable streaming music, watching movies and calculating spreadsheets simultaneously from the same PC. The new Dell Intel dual-core systems can also deliver better performance while drawing less power than previous-generation Intel products.

Multimedia options range from integrated 7.1 audio and graphics to ATI and Nvidia graphics cards for 3-D games, and an optional media card reader and TV tuner to better manage and enjoy digital content.

Additional Dimension E520 and E521 features include:

  • Up to two hard drives up including Dell DataSafe data protection and backup/restore options
  • Options for sound cards, dual TV tuners and an IEEE 1394 port
  • Dimension E520-specific: Intel Pentium D and Core 2 Duo processor options, eight USB ports, and four slots (one x16 PCIe, one x1 PCIe and two PCI)
  • Dimension E521-specific: AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor options; six USB ports, and three slots (one x16 PCIe, one x1 PCIe and one PCI)
  • Additional Dimension C521 features include:

  • Slim yet expandable design, about half the size of the Dimension E520 and E521
  • AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor options
  • Choice of single optical and hard drives and optional single TV tuner
  • Six USB 2.0 ports, three slots (one x16 PCIe, one x1 PCIe and one PCI)
  • The Dell XPS 210 is created for users who go in for a premium entertainment experience in a compact system. With a height of around one foot, it offers dual-core performance for enhanced performance and power efficiency. The front panel can slide to reveal the DVD drive, two front USB ports, optional media card reader, IEEE 1394 port and headphone/microphone jacks. As with every XPS desktop, the XPS 210 also includes prioritized XPS sales and support service, a flat-panel monitor, 15-month security subscription and Windows XPS Media Center Edition 2005 as standard.

    Additional XPS 210 features include:

  • Intel Pentium D and Core 2 Duo processor options
  • Can be installed upright or horizontally on a bookshelf
  • Add-in Nvidia and ATI graphics and single TV tuner options
  • Five back USB 2.0 ports, one x16 PCIe slot and one x1 PCIe slot for expandability and connectivity
  • Dell QuietCase technology
  • The XPS 210 system is available right away in the U.S. and is packed with a one-year limited XPS warranty and prioritized service support starting at $1,190. The new Dimension E520, Dimension E521 and Dimension C521 are available worldwide starting tomorrow with one-year limited warranty and service support, priced at $719, $329 and $359, respectively.