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6 Delicious Library Alternatives

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Our Delicious Library alternative list comprises of some yummy treats that allow you to catalog your collection. From the entire roundup of your DVDs stashed in those large black CD wallets to your overstocked shelves consisting of all your favorite books and novels – you’ll be able to seamlessly keep track of all these items in their respective categories. This makes it a cinch to scan through and zero in on your desired products when the need arises. Each of the following names also comes complete with a comprehensive collection of features that enable you to share your preferences with others, rate different titles and even keep track of your borrowed items.

1 – DVDpedia:

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‘Do you know where your DVDs are?,’ quips the brains behind this endeavor. Well, the software suggested here lets you set up large compilations so that your movies and live music performances are organized in a simple manner. All your entertainment items will be laid out in list, details or grid view depending on how you prefer to scan through your collection. By exploiting the HTML export feature, you can also let the world at large know which ones occupy place on your home shelves. And when they espy your lineup, you’ll surely have quite a few movie buff pals knocking at your door, wanting to borrow your prized DVDs. Well, fret not as the program is fitted with a handy ‘Borrowed collection’ attribute to manage the same. It even plucks out information bits about your favorite films from international movie sites.

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Now similar to this service, the maker Bruji also proffers a trio of other goodies namely, Bookpedia, CDpedia and Gamepedia for cataloging books, CDs and video games, respectively. What’s more, the Pedia program also comes with a companion known as Pocketpedia3 which is a handy application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Through this portable solution, you’ll be able to sync all data from the 4 services so that you can keep track and manage your collection while on the go. Each of the Mac OS X compatible gems are priced at $18 while the app is tagged at just under $4.

2 – MediaMan:

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After putting a smile on the faces of Mac owners, it’s now time to cater to Windows system users with a large helping of this particular entrant in our programs like Delicious Library roster. The collection organizer lets you create a digital database filled to the brim with all you music, movie, book and video game mentions so that you can keep track of them. Besides simply plucking information bits from the web for each item, it also proffers individual folders, tags and editing capabilities for better arrangement of the virtual clutter. And while you do all your sorting, you can even groove to tunes blaring from the background.

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The input procedure involves physically typing out keywords, scanning barcodes via your webcam or dragging and dropping folders. Sporting an elastic user interface, the program provides a few features that allow you to keep track of rented titles. This one forays onto the scene bearing a price tag of just under $34 and is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Vista.

3 – Catalog Hero:

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Now if you’re looking out for a solution that won’t eat right through your pocket and still manage to keep your entire collection organized, we suggest you consider procuring this delightful option. It’s noted to be an online software piece that jumps onto the scenario with user-friendly attributes and a scanning feature. You can seamlessly stash all your DVD catalogs over the internet so that all information pertaining to the same can be accessed from a mobile device. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to share these lists with friends and family. It’s free to sign up and supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.

4 – Librarian Pro 2:

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Here’s your personal inventory system that helps you organize all your titles into smart collections. Mark items as ‘borrowed’ and even view details of each title strewn across your whole compilation. This app similar to Delicious Library also has the ability to seek out duplicate inventory items and display the titles in icon or list mode. You can easily create records for music, games, software, books and movies without having to resort to programs outside of LP2. This one is priced at just under $20 and compatible with PC and Mac systems. There are also other schemes available for students, families, businesses and educational institutions.

5 – Data Crow:

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This one swoops into our array bringing along a wide range of features that enable you to manage all your movies, pictures, music, software bits and books. This media cataloger even allows you to create your very own collection modules and share the same with loved ones. Also thrown into the amalgamation is a Loan Administration feature which helps you track all your borrowed items. What’s more, you can find information pertaining to your items within the online confines itself. This particular program is free to procure.

6 – GCstar:

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This program like Delicious Library is an open source application that lends a hand at managing all your personal collections. This service extends its grip to a plethora of categories that read as movies, books, periodicals, comic books, mini vehicles, smart cards, video games, wines, TV show episodes and music. All information can either be punched in manually or plucked out from the internet. During your stay here, you can create your own user models and even manage your ‘borrowed’ material. It’s free to acquire and plays well with a host of platforms like Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux and BSD.


Are you an entertainment enthusiast who has tons of movies, books and video games within your grasp and find it hard to manage all these items? What you require is a good Delicious Library alternative to help you catalog your entire collection minus any fuss. Well, you’ll be able to find an apt companion right here which will aid you in this endeavor. And while the software in the spotlight only catered Mac OS X users, many of the aforementioned names extend their services to other platforms as well. So which one will you rely on?