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Deciding When To Outsource Your IT Infrastructure

light bulb This question is usually on the lips of most companies these days, and for a good reason. Outsourcing can deliver great benefits, both in cost-savings and expanding workforce, just to name two. Yet the key question is even not how to do it, but when. Most reports stipulate a similar thing: any company worth its weight needs to consider outsourcing to remain competitive in a saturated marketplace (local and global). Therefore, when should a company begin to seriously consider this option? Let’s look at some aspects that should be contemplated before starting on this adventure.

Firstly, top management needs to clearly understand its goals and internal structures. Sounds logical, right? Then again, many companies are so caught up in just making business and profit, that they can’t see the light at the end of the long tunnel of future growth and sustainability. This goes way beyond just budgeting and planning areas, as you need to look more seriously at how your IT structure really generates value (and not just efficiency). In other words, you have to clearly ascertain what you really want. To get a better idea of this (and a clearer vision), many companies start “little by little” by outsourcing things related to Cloud or web design, then move forward to bigger projects with a larger staff. On the other hand, if your business is related to developing technology, outsourcing could add extra risk elements as well – as the product is key to your success and outsourcing can “water down” the process and even the quality of that product (not to mention IP rights). Therefore, careful consideration is of utmost importance in deciding when and how to spread your tentacles.

Speaking of the above-mentioned, the first item on the decision chart should be to start outsourcing when it will boost your business without a lot of disruption to ongoing projects and processes. Maybe first start moving things to the cloud to stay up to date on the latest advancements, so you aren’t dealing too much in managing upgrades or infrastructure by yourself. Many would agree that after this, almost any time is right to begin, but slowly. This notion works well for any size of the company, from startups to the big guys. Just don’t start with the core business, but instead something a bit less important and if you’re going to start offshore, be sure you have the right partner to help you get over the global “humps.”

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Another aspect of when to start outsourcing involves specialized skills available in other countries. The best players in this area are likely in Eastern Europe, as these countries have a highly educated workforce with western leanings (including good English skills). This is probably the main reason most companies decide to outsource: a lack of qualified IT workers in their native country (especially dire shortages that exist in the USA). Everyone would agree that to stay on top of the game, you have to be open to discovering new innovative ways of doing things (that attain fast and strong results).

And also pertaining to when to start outsourcing, always keep in mind your best IT folks. They’re usually working on projects that have a fairly big impact on your product and business, so outsourcing should free them up to focus on your key R&D functions by giving the small stuff to an outsourced staff (like web design or servers). So first streamline your processes and plan the best time to scale and begin outsourcing procedures. Then finding the right outsourcing partner that specializes in infrastructure management services is a great way to start the scaling process. With the right partner, you don’t need to waste a lot of money and effort on experimenting, instead of outsourcing when your present IT structure just can’t keep up with your growth potential.

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