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Death Note movie to be R-rated, Omega Edition Blu-ray anime episodes unveiled

Death Note Ryuk

Death Note, one of the greatest anime offerings (originally manga series) of all time, is expected to start filming this year! Meanwhile, fans in the US can lay hands on the complete collection of episodes as part of a Blu-ray limited edition starting from March 1.

Death Note Blu-ray bundles

Called Death Note: The Omega Edition Blu-ray Limited Edition – that’s a lot of ‘editions’ for a single bundle – the pack contains a 6-disc collector’s set of 37 episodes of the anime. There are 5 language options to pick from as well as the Japanese films in 3 languages, plus extras.

In addition to the discs, the Blu-ray collection features a 64-page booklet inclusive of the original manga pilot story which gave rise to the series. The extra video content that runs into 3 hours covers interviews with the creators, production art, audio commentary and behind-the-scenes footage.

Death Note Blu-ray

The Death Note Omega Edition is priced at $70, while the standard pack can be picked up for $55. Yup, there’s a cheaper Blu-ray version too. It consists of 3 hours of bonus content and 5 discs, with the episodes being available in 5 languages and 1080p resolution, 16:9 video aspect ratio.

Death Note: The Movie

Death Note has been made into a live action series before. But this is the first time Hollywood will be laying hands on it. Producer Roy Lee confirmed to Collider that the movie will be R-rated. It’s already starting to sound as promising as Deadpool, isn’t it? And it will start filming this year.

Backed by Warner Bros, the actors have apparently been picked already. Nat Wolff is expected to be cast as Light Yagami, the central character who finds a supernatural notebook of death dropped into the human world by a Shinigami (Death God) named Ryuk.

We don’t know about you, but these two announcements make us want to watch Death Note again while feeling intensely jealous of those who haven’t seen it before and will be jumping in fresh. The English language dubbing is quite decent, if you don’t like subs.