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Sites to head for on Valentine’s Day

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Picture this – it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re dialing up that special someone while singing ‘Pick it up, Mr. Love is on the line, pick it up Mr. Love is on the line’ in a nasal voice. The phone keeps ringing and you’ve finished invoking bits of Swimming with the Kids by The Rasmus and there’s no answer. You could yield to the temptation of rendering an encore and yet another if you still don’t hear the dulcet tones of your Valentine. What happens after you’re tired of attempting to get connected to your significant other over the telephone, IM, mails, pigeon-post, knocking down his/her door? You could console yourself with the thought that there are other fish in the sea and head over to any of our top five dating sites which could offer some consolation in case your love-calls go answered on Valentine’s Day.

So you’re not really into forgetting your better half too soon. Maybe they’re in some awful trouble and can’t manage to respond? If you can’t confirm the truth and still want to go in for some light Valentine’s Day fun until your partner manages to extricate herself/himself from whatever mess they’re in, hit up SpeedDate.com. As the name suggests, it’s a speed dating website which sets you up with a complimentary speed date the moment you sign up for membership. This is after a list of preferences are ticked off and oh no! It’s a freemium, which means you’ll be prompted to sign up for any among four subscription plans before you can continue chatting with a member. Apparently, the developers are so confident that users will be satisfied with SpeedDate, they’ll toss in three months of free service for those who don’t find someone special in six months with the Platinum 12 month subscription.

Hey! Nothing in life comes for free, so why expect love to be any different? Initially starting out as a third-party dating app on Facebook, Zoosk.com props itself up on the subscriptions it receives from members. It asks for a lot of information including ice-breakers before you can actually stroll through the site with a song upon your lips. But unless you’re some sort of abnormal non-egocentric person, why should you dislike talking about personal likes and dislikes? Clearly filtered in a more efficient manner as compared to SpeedDate, the website offers search information sifted in accordance to the geographical location of other members. You can choose to Wink, Message, Gift or just act perfectly normal and send a plain old friend request to other users. Want to get pushed to the top of search results when people look people like you? You can do that by paying for a Boost View via credit cards or virtual money which can be earned by sharing the Zoosk link through SNS services or mail. But what happens if everyone pays for a Boost?

Whoever said that ‘Music is the medicine of the breaking heart’ may have hit the nail right on the spot. A breaking heart coupled with a date who doesn’t identify with your tastes can send the universe spinning in disharmony. Tastebuds.fm comes to the rescue for those who want to find a soul mate who hums to the same tunes as them. Last.fm users can simply sign up with their user name and others can start by typing in their favorite bands, picking their gender and the preferred gender of the sought-after members apart from the region before hitting ‘Go’. After you’re done leering at the cute subjects of the search results, the ‘Artist Filter’ can be turned off in order to efface the actual intentions of this site and see more potential candidates. It’s a free social networking website and partners with popular events service Songkick.com which ought to allow you to set up a date for concerts.

Remember Yahoo! Personals? It gave way to Match.com on Yahoo! sometime during the latter half of last year. The domain presently lays claim to being the exclusive provider of online dating services for Yahoo!. You can start off by ticking off the gender of the person you’re looking out for, their age bracket and your ZIP code before viewing photos. For the finicky amongst us is a custom search facility allowing you to choose characteristics in order to build bridges towards that ideal match. From one of the guys who gave pining lovers OkCupid comes CrazyBlindDate.com, or it seems to be on its way at least. If the folks in charge get their timing right, the site which is currently programming for ‘big changes’ ought to slip in by Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, you’ll be cajoled into registering yourself at OkCupid until this happens. A no cost dating service which tosses people together over blind dates with barely any notice or none at all, sounds quite exciting at any rate.

Thank god for the internet! And Happy Valentine’s Day!